Anxiety Ease Soap

Yay, here it is! Finally made my next batch of homemade soaps.  They are chemical-free, made with an organic goat’s milk soap base and they’re easy to make. 

First of all, these are the brands that I use to make my soaps:


The soap base is a Liquid Gold product and the essential oils are the “Synergy Blends” from Eden’s Garden. There are some amazing scents in this collection and I also bought one extra from this company and that is the Anxiety Ease blend which is a combination of lemongrass, sweet orange and ylang-ylang. That’s the very first one I decided to make soap with. The silicone soap mold in the background was also purchased on Amazon, there are hundreds of different adorable molds that you can buy but I went with a basic rectangular mold.

To make this soap you need the following items:

  • Liquid Gold goat’s milk soap base.
  • Eden’s Garden Anxiety Ease essential oil.
  • Soap mold.
  • Glass measuring cup.
  • Cutting board.
  • Microwave.
  • Knife.
  • Spoon.


1. First, you need to get your soap cut up into smaller cubes. You can buy soap that has already been cubed up for you but from my research, it looks to be a bit pricier.

2. Once you’ve cut enough soap to reach the two cup line on your measuring cup, microwave at twenty second intervals for one minute, stirring between each interval.

3. Add in your essential oils. For each cup of melted soap base, you want to add fifteen drops of Anxiety Ease essential oil. One cup of melted soap base makes two full bars of soap, or if you choose not to fill the mold all of the way you can stretch it into three. (You can see the results of both below).

4. From here all that’s left is allowing the soaps to cool. You can tap the edges of the mold here and there to test if they are fully hardened, it takes about forty-five minutes for them to cool completely.

And the final product?


Although these little beauties are pretty plain in the looks department they smell amazing and now, after what feels like forever I am going to give these little darlings a go and relax with a long shower.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to give this whole soap making adventure a try, it’s an easy and fun way to really customize something cool. More recipes to follow!

2020 Brandi here. I just wanted to jump in and say that these soaps last an extremely long time. This was originally posted in 2016, my last batch of soap was made in 2018, and I just found some of those bars of soap recently 100% fine and ready to use. I would also like to add that since becoming vegan I have found an abundance of other melt-and-pour soap bases that are not goat’s milk (or anything’s milk) that moisturize just as well. So you can really play around with that part of this recipe.


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