A Clean Endeavor

Since Christmas is long since passed I can share my latest and possibly my greatest DIY with everyone. I couldn’t be more excited to do so because rather than being shipped off as presents, these little darlings are mine all mine!

When I was getting ready for Christmas 2015 I was trying to think up some really original DIY gifts that I could give to people that were original and useful. I scrolled through countless posts on Pinterest and looked over the same Scrabble coasters I made for my mom a few years ago about a dozen times. I saw post after post about “beard care” items which I found not only weird but also extremely pointless for me since no one I know has a beard to really “care for.”  Then, when Pinterest yielded no good ideas I started googling things, checking Facebook pages, doing anything and everything I could to come up with something good!

One night, I thought of it. Homemade soap. I’d posted about my homemade sugar scrubs before on social media and someone had said something to me about looking into making homemade soaps, I assumed it was messy and difficult so I brushed it off.

Long story short, I set out on a search on Pinterest which informed me that there are “melt and pour” soap bases out there. Next I searched Amazon for a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the absolute best base and it had to pass some pretty important tests. For starters it needed to be all natural, organic, unscented, dye free and friendly to dry/sensitive skin. From there I investigated products rated four stars or more and followed up by looking over the company’s overall amount of business and the reviews left behind by their customers.

I purchased a soap base and some basic rectangle soap molds and eagerly awaited my package. Once they came in I went right to making all kinds of different soap combinations, really playing around with what I could do. This ended up being a trial and error situation but there’s really only one soap that I have no interest in making ever again and that’s the “coffee bean” soap I tried out. It smelled good, exfoliated well and left my skin clean and soft but personally, smelling like a coffee shop day in and day out isn’t really my thing. (Despite the fact that these soaps were for friends and family I did keep a bar of each for myself so that I could test them out).

This time around I bought the same soap base but I invested in a new brand of essential oils that I am really very excited about. Rather than buying single scent oils, I purchased a lot of blends that smell absolutely wonderful and now that I have my sense of smell back (bye bye cold!) I’ll be making soaps again very soon! So basically, this post isn’t where you’ll be getting the DIY information and I won’t be sharing these amazing brands with all of you until the soap posts go up…sorry!

Stay tuned: DIY, all natural and organic soaps coming soon to a post near you.


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