Just A Little Cantaloupe

Sometimes I wish that the My Pregnancy app chose different shaped fruits and vegetables to relate Baby A to. For instance, this week he is relatively the size of a cantaloupe and the sheer thought of something melon shaped making it’s way out of me is absolutely nerve racking. Obviously, I am aware that he won’t be quite so round but it’s still enough to make a lady cringe.
So, here’s the deal. cantaloupe-melon

Baby A is absolutely keeping the name that we decided on a few weeks ago. Our hospital bag is packed and ready to go. His coming home outfit has been decided on and is in the laundry. The dresser is full of tiny baby clothes and his crib is already made up with clean sheets. Plus, we’ve already stocked up on size one and two diapers in preparation for his little (and not so little) messes.

At the moment, week thirty four, my not so little peanut is about 4 3/4 pounds and is close to eighteen inches in length. It’s crazy to think that just thirty four weeks ago there was nothing in my tummy except for…you know, my tummy. He’s getting chubby and packing on ounce after ounce to prepare for life outside the womb, nothing new there. All the while his central nervous system and his lungs are maturing; so there is some pretty important stuff happening at the moment. Almost as if this app is reading my mind it says “if you’ve been nervous about preterm labor, you’ll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine.” It goes on to say that they may need a bit of time in the neonatal nursery but in the grand scheme of things a little bit of time in an incubator worries me less than a lot of other alternatives.

For mommy: no big surprise here. Long nights of tossing and turning, physical strain and the whole “growing a human” thing all contribute to the extreme exhaustion that also came with trimester number one. Luckily, the whole exhaustion thing and the coming and going of Braxton Hicks contractions are both signs of this pregnancy coming to an end.

I feel relaxed knowing that it won’t be long until I see this lovely little man’s face, but I also feel a bit panicked in thinking about him coming home. There is so much on our plates already, two little boys and a big happy mutt. We have Baby J’s birthday this weekend, Baby A being born next month, Baby M’s birthday the following month…

I also worry about my nerves. Baby M obviously sleeps through the night and will take himself to the bathroom when he needs to go but his little brother is actually a baby. Baby J is in diapers, still on the bottle and very much a needy young man (rightfully so, he’s only turning one this week!). I fear that with the serious lack of sleep and the overwhelming need to be all I can be, I might find myself a bit on edge at the beginning of this whole endeavor.  Surely though, we will all find and settle into our own routine, I just need to reassure myself that little boys get easier with age.

Well, that’s all for this weekly baby update.

Thanks for reading!! 

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