Sick And Tired

Describing the last week with one word would best be done with: frustration. This year’s cold and flu season needs to pack up and get the heck out of dodge because I’ve had it up to the ceiling with this nonsense. 

This winter in New York has been one that I will not forget. We just finally got a decent heap of snow and unfortunately I can’t even take my boys out to play in it because all of us are sick. I blame the weather. The constant switch of temperatures from wintery twenties and thirties to fall forties and sixties every few days has been a lot to handle.

About a week and a half ago, Baby M started up with a pretty hoarse cough but being that’s all it was at the time I just placed the cool mist humidifier in his room and called it a day. After a few days of coughing came the sudden fever, he was in the low hundreds out of nowhere and extremely tired. Then his little brother started with a cough as well, he also sounded a bit wheezy and had a low grade temperature of about ninety nine degrees. No part of me could wrap my head around how both boys got sick, after all they hadn’t come into contact with anyone who was sick. It was Monday (the eighth) and while I was at work my boyfriend was updating me on the boys. We both agreed that things didn’t seem to be getting any better and I placed a call to the doctor to make an appointment for later that day.

Pneumonia and a double ear infection for Baby M.
Croup and teething for Baby J.

Is this real life?! Having two little boys who are both so sick means little to no sleep for mom and dad. Every loud cough out of Baby M and every screech out of Baby J left me awake for a minimum of ten minutes and mostly much longer. In four nights I collectively got about ten hours of sleep, the majority of that time stemming from night number three when my mother slept over and took care of Baby J throughout the night. Heavy exposure to both of their germs, a severe lack of sleep, struggling with the extreme weather changes and not being able to take the time to eat right left me vulnerable. For me it started with a sore throat, sleepiness, head congestion and a stuffy nose. Now I sit here, pregnant and sick, on the mend but unable to taste or smell a single thing! I’ve never encountered a bigger pregnancy bummer than craving something and not being able to satisfy that craving because my tastebuds are all lacking.

Luckily, although Baby M has about five days left of antibiotics and Baby J is still working on that molar, they both seem to be doing much better. They’ve started eating, playing and sleeping on relatively normal schedules again which makes me one happy lady and also means I have my free time for writing back.

Now all I need is for myself to get better before Baby J’s birthday party next week!

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