Baby Food (Broccoli & Peas)


As I mentioned in my last baby food post, Baby Food (Zucchini), I made some other baby foods the other day including this one. Broccoli is a really good food to feed to babies due to the fact that it is high in vitamin content and fiber. However, because broccoli can cause gas it’s not recommended for babies under eight months of age and is certainly not a wonderful choice for baby’s first vegetable as it can be a bit tough to digest.

This isn’t Baby J’s first rodeo with the little trees, I have made a puree before of broccoli, cauliflower and black beans which he really liked. It wasn’t the most eye appealing food in the world but it did taste good and packed a heck of a lot of nutrients into every spoonful.

Yet again, this is a baby food DSCN1292that has a pretty easy step by step process about it. Step number one is to clean your broccoli (if you are using fresh), since you can’t exactly scrub it, running it under warm to hot water will due. You can also blanch the broccoli in a pot of boiling water if you’d like. Follow this step by chopping the broccoli into small florets and then get to steaming. I placed my peas at the bottle of the steamer to help prevent the itty bitty pieces of broccoli from falling through into the water. The smaller you chop your florets the quicker they cook and the sooner you can get them into the blender, mine were mostly smaller than a quarter and took less than ten minutes to become fork tender.

Place all of your yummy vegetables into the blender and cover half way with water before blending. The end result (pictured at the top) is the consistency that you achieve with this recipe and is a very smooth puree. If you feel your baby might require something a little less thick, I suggest slowly adding bits of water rather than just upping the amount in the very beginning. I used roughly half a head of broccoli and half a bag of frozen peas which yielded six containers of baby food.

Though broccoli has a pretty strong flavor, peas are generally mild and sweet which makes these two foods a great pairing, especially if you are introducing broccoli for the first time.

If you have any questions or comments leave them for me below! Thanks for reading!

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