Thirty Three Weeks

Only seven more weeks left in this adventure and this little baby is officially the size of a plump pineapple!

I couldn’t be more excited to be expecting this little bitty in less than two months, however, I did require some reassurance from my doctor the other day that I’m prepared for this. Maybe it was just my state of mind that day but I went into full blown panic mode about labor (even though this is round number three for me at the maternity ward). It also could have had something to do with the video I watched on the My Pregnancy app. Don’t get me wrong, I really love this app and all of the things that I have learned from it, but I did not need to watch a cartoonish reenactment of what happens to my lady busiimage.plness during labor. Oye…

The whole panic situation I had the other day stemmed from the thought of a baby coming out of my who-ha but as with most things that I worry about, it started off with one thing and spiraled into multiple. Thankfully I had a prescheduled prenatal check up and was able to have a lengthy discussion with my doctor about my risk of a potential C-Section among other things. I personally know a lot of women who have had non-vaginal births and swear that they aren’t as frightening as I make them out to be. However, I’m one of those “skipped most of biology to avoid talk about blood and stuff” kinds of people so to me any kind of surgery is absolutely terrifying. I give serious kudos to any woman who has had a C-Section at any point in time because I cringe at just the thought of it.

Back to something more positive, as of today Baby A weighs right around four pounds and is officially passing seventeen inches in length. He’ll continue packing on pounds as the rest of his time runs out in the womb. Even though his skull will not fully form together until after birth it is currently hardening along with the rest of his skeleton. I have heard, and I’m not 100% positive of the validity, but as baby’s use calcium to strengthen their bones they sometimes rob some from your teeth and bones. Apparently, this is why it is extra important to get enough calcium throughout your pregnancy because it can cause cavities for mom and weakened bones. Luckily, milk is my number one defense against heartburn lately so I’m surely building up some nice strong bones (hopefully for the both of us). My belly is also protruding more and more lately which is leaving me bumping into just about everything and a bit unbalanced. Not to mention, my waddle is so obvious I’m worried that someone may soon mistake me for a gigantic penguin.

My doctor also told me that lots of activity means a healthy baby and since this tiny kung fu master is always moving around and beating me up, I’m resting easy knowing that he is doing well in there. Cheers to healthy growing babies!

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