Excuse Me?

Maybe it’s because two sick kids have kept me up for three nights in a row. Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am in general discomfort day in and day out. It could even be because I’m hormonal, but more than likely it’s because you are a jerk.

Being twenty three years old, and ready to pop with baby number three, it isn’t the first time someone has looked at me with judging eyes. Maybe it’s because I look a bit young and I dress like I’m going to a high school function. Sorry I never invested in a “businesswoman wardrobe” and everything nice I own doesn’t quite fit at the moment. Sorry that my tummy pokes out a wee bit at the base of my shirt. Sorry that I’m not actually sorry because your opinions and your dirty looks mean less to me than a pile of…


I’m young. I’m pregnant. I’m wearing a shirt that doesn’t fit me 100%.

But none of those are reasons that anyone should take a look at me, squint their eyeballs and shake their head. I mean really, excuse you for casting a dirty look in my direction for simply walking down the sidewalk to my car.

People are so ready to judge young parents because apparently we send out some kind of signal that says we are irresponsible and that’s why we have babies. I’ve had people gawk at me before when I’ve been goofing off with my kids in a store or a restaurant but it’s never really irked me the way that this woman did today. She was sitting in her car along the side of the street while I walked by, usually I would be staring at my feet to make sure I don’t trip on an uneven piece of sidewalk but not today. I left the office building that I work in and there she was, just sitting and staring. At first I thought she wasn’t looking at me so I glanced around myself to see if there was anyone else there. No one. When I made eye contact with her, she squinted her angry little eyes and shook her head at me. Why? What on Earth was I doing? Walking? 

She could have been judging my hair or my boots, maybe they weren’t up to her standards or maybe she noticed a brick that seemed to be acting unprofessional on the wall. More than likely she took a quick glance at my protruding belly and decided it was appropriate to make a rash judgement about my age, situation or otherwise. For the purpose that I want to believe that people are inherently good and not that judgmental I will try to assure myself it was the brick or my boots…

People frustrate me. 



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