A Positive Spin

I’ve been such a negative Nancy for such a large portion of this pregnancy and the other day I sat down and made a list consisting of all the positives of being pregnant.


It should come as no surprise, after countless posts recounting my aches and pains from the last five months, that this pregnancy has been rough all along. Staying positive has been extremely tough for me. I have felt like less of a mom because I feel unable to keep up with Baby M and Baby J. I’ve been tired and snippy. It’s been troublesome to keep up with my half of the housework as well as carrying my weight at my job. Getting up and getting ready has felt so overly tasking day in and day out that I’m tired before my day even truly begins. All of these things left me feeling like I was spiraling towards depression, or maybe even already in it’s grasp. I sat down on Wednesday of this week and decided to put my mind over everything that I think is the matter and created this list of pregnancy positives.

Putting A Positive Spin On It All

  1. Did you know that if one of your organs suffers some type of damage during pregnancy, your baby will actually send stem cells to the organ in an attempt to help repair it? That little bitty thing in your belly is already being a total sweetheart.
  2. You’re big, but that’s not your fault and it’s no big deal. Being pregnant is one of the only times that you can pack on the pounds and feel nearly guilt free about it. Sure the weight is still stuck to your bones but you can always shrug it off, call it baby weight and work to lose it later. For now, tacos and ice cream.
  3. Sick of hearing people tell you that you take too long in the shower? Pregnancy is the perfect excuse. For one, you can’t see anything below the belly anymore which makes washing and shaving that much more tasking. For two, it’s tough to move around in the shower now and it’s slippery so you need to be careful *wink, wink*.
  4. You’re the mom. You’re the lady of the house. Chances are it’s your job to help everybody with absolutely everything, especially the stupid things. Like the moment when someone “can’t find it anywhere” and the second you enter the room “it” is right there in plain site. Now is the time to get some help for some really stupid stuff and not feel bad about asking for it. For example: I can no longer get myself up off of the floor 75% of the time and I feel absolutely no shame in yelling until someone comes to pick me up. Thanks.
  5. Maybe you are ridiculously independent and the “no heavy lifting” rule seems more like a cruel punishment than anything else. I’ve had that feeling before but now, at nearly thirty three weeks on baby number three, if I don’t have to go out to the car fifteen times for groceries…I’m okay with that.

Let’s not forget some of the greatest positives that come along with being pregnant! You get to feel something, someone, moving and kicking in your belly. It isn’t always the most pleasant feeling but it’s certainly something magical. You’re growing a real life human being inside of you! That’s a miracle. It’s absolutely wonderful and after all of the struggles comes the most wonderful part of all. Your baby. Your beautiful little boy or girl and in the moment that the doctor places them in your arms, every ounce of irritation you endured over the months disappears.

I’m so looking forward to holding this little boy. When we moved we set up Baby A’s crib and now his dresser is packed full of clean clothes and diapers. The baby bath is back out of retirement and I’ll soon be packing up our hospital bag in preparation. I suppose with less than two months to go in this pregnancy it’s time to focus solely on the good things about being pregnant and I’ll revisit this list when I need to.

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