So Far, So Long

Welp, we moved and it didn’t kill me. It tried though.

After two days of moving into the new apartment I am just about ready to request an immediate leave of absence from the adult world (A.K.A. temporary disability). It’s no secret that I have been struggling with hip and back pain for a while now, to be honest I have been dealing with it since the third month of this pregnancy and now I’m on the eighth month. That’s a long time.

When moving everything I didn’t do any heavy lifting whatsoever. Shoutout to my amazing boyfriend, his brothers, his father, my brother and my father for all of their hard work! Also, a big shoutout to my mother for watching our boys while we moved everything (two days in a row!). Being pregnant and being surrounded by family means that not only was I not allowed to move heavy things but someone was constantly trying to help me with things or convince me to take a break. Unfortunately, my hips currently lock up EVERY single time that I sit down or lay down, leaving me pretty much useless for at least an hour or two.

For instance, the other night I went to bed so sore that I couldn’t lift my own legs when I tried to roll over. Later in the night Baby J woke up, I could barely stand and when I did the trip from beside the bed to the end of the bed took about two full minutes. That’s when everything seized up completely and I ended up bent over in absolute agony. Another shoutout to my boyfriend for helping me walk, climb stairs, stand up, lay down and roll over quite a lot lately. If it weren’t for him I would be struggling much worse, or I would be Life Alerts number one customer, constantly buzzing in with “I’ve sat down and I can’t get up!” instead of the traditional “I’ve fallen…” calls by elderly persons. Not to mention the countless number of times he has wiped tears from my eyes or brought frozen vegetables to me so I could place them on my aches and pains.

Back to the apartment! We are almost completely done with moving in and organizing things, all that’s really left is making room for a wee bit more storage and hanging up some family pictures. At the old apartment we need to clean up the remaining mess, mostly dust bunnies from underneath the fridge and other furniture and a quick mop to get up the dirt and grime. Once that apartment is taken care of I will feel much more accomplished, the thought of the mess that we left behind is looming over my head and it’s giving me anxiety.

Our spacious living room is absolutely wonderful.
The boy’s extra toys have been packed away into storage or donated.
Old clothes and blankets have been donated.
Random things long forgotten have been thrown away.

In moving in we also managed to set up Baby #3’s crib and empty out the baby dresser for his clothing, diapers and other necessities. I feel relaxed having so much taken care of in just a few short days but boy, oh, boy am I feeling it!

Note to self: never move while pregnant ever again.

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