Hey, Little Jicama

This week, week thirty two, in this never ending story54 of baby building my little veggie head is a jicama and in case (like me) you have absolutely no idea what a jicama is, let me explain. Apparently a jicama, also known as the Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip, is just a tuberous root vegetable. So it’s basically a big turnip or a giant potato. You learn something new every day!

The average weight of a jicama, and a thirty two week old baby bean, is 3.75 pounds which seems pretty small for something packing such strong punches. Baby A is about 16.7 inches long and really starting to beef up in preparation for life outside the womb. He’s packing on about half a pound every week at this stage in the game and is likely to gain a third of his birth weight in the upcoming seven weeks.

I can’t imagine that hair and jicama go well together but this little darling is also starting to sport hair or at least some serious peach fuzz. Side note: have you ever noticed how amazingly soft baby hair is? I play with my boy’s hair all the time. Back to the baby at hand, or tummy, he is also tacking on some fingernails and toenails which are sure to be absolutely tiny and adorable. And rather than looking like a wrinkled old man, the added fat he is building up is starting to help smooth out his skin. All of these things mean that Baby A is officially looking more baby like as the days go by and is just about ready to get the heck out.

Only eight more weeks to go! I think that writing about his progress every week is making the time go by faster and I wish I started to do it a bit sooner.

As for mommy, whereas baby bean is adding on about half a pound every week, the average for mom is about one full pound every week and if you have my pregnancy metabolism you are probably right around two. *Sad face* again, I have to state that I understand that baby weight isn’t permanent. I shouldn’t feel guilty about the weight gain because it’s not just baby gaining weight but there’s also the amniotic sac and fluid in there. Plus with how much water I’ve been drinking there’s got to be some stored up in there somewhere. Anyhow, blood volume has increased 40% to 50% since the beginning of this pregnancy (ew!). Heartburn and shortness of breath are normal thanks to baby and uterus crowding the place and likely wont get better until after delivery.

Lower back pain can also be normal right now but should be brought up to the doctor as it very well could be a sign of preterm labor. In the last week I have had a couple nights where I was playing the guessing game about what I was going through. Cramping, back pain and an overwhelming feeling of heaviness. Can’t wait to see what the doctor says about all that.

Until next time, thank you so much for reading and have an amazing day!

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