So Far, So So

At this exact moment I am sharing a bed with my three year old who has been kicking me in the back and whispering in my ear for half an hour straight. Downstairs, my boyfriend and Baby J are doing their own thing and by that I mean it sounds like Baby J is finally asleep and Curtis is watching TV.

It’s been a long day, but thanks to our family it was one we survived with only minor aches and pains. I would like to estimate that 98% of our things were moved to the new place throughout the day on Sunday. Plans for Monday (today) include the couch, our bed, living room TV, some basement storage, then the washer and dryer. It’s bigger stuff, but there isn’t too much of it and most of the new place is organized and clean from Sunday. Thank goodness. On another more positive note, my brother gave me today off of work which will help dramatically, my mom plans to help us with the boys and the TV company is already scheduled for today. On a less positive note, I’m currently unable to even lift my legs or roll over because I clearly overdid it and my poor dog is extra clingy after spending her day upset, confused and alone. There’s also the matter of this floppy little boy in my bed. All of the kids furniture is 100% set up at the new place so the only option for bed time is to bunk together despite how impossible it is. At least he cuddles…kind of. Unrelated: there is no TV in the bed room right now which limits my entertainment to the one game I actually have on my phone since everything else is packed up too.

I want to state for the record that I’m attempting to use the writing app to publish this and I am extremely unsure about how this will turn out. Also, for the record, there is a frozen bag of corn defrosting on my spine.

Next time we move I wouldn’t mind hiring a company to do all of the work for us. Or just not being pregnant would be pretty swell as well. One can only hope that the next move will be the last move and that everything will go smoothly the day of. Lucky for us things did go very well today. The new kitchen is 99% finished. Bathroom is 100% complete. Boys room is 100% complete. Our room is about 80% done. AND the living room/dining room is about 75% put together. These are the rough estimations of an exhausted pregnant woman, but we’re near completion one day ahead of schedule and that’s what counts.

Anyhow, the wiggle worm is finally still and my eyes are heavy. Goodnight Sunday & good morning to Monday!

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