Side Effects

When your doctor prescribes something to your child, you probably look at the side effects printed on the bottle but there is more to it than that. Yesterday was my wake up call to start researching before administering.

Baby M had croup recently, which you may have read about in my post In The Middle Of The Night. That night we dashed to the hospital at 1:00 AM and he received a “pokey shot” and a prescription for oral steroids to help keep his airways open while he kicked the croup. Somehow the moment his croup got under control he got pink eye which left him angry about all of the “yucky stuff” coming out of his eyes. (He also stuck his fingers in his eyes a few times and was a flat out miserable little mess over the weekend).

Sunday night, he did not allow me to sleep and all of Monday he was a cranky little mess. No part of me could figure out why he was behaving like a flat out brat, I mean he isn’t perfectly behaved 100% of the time but it’s very rare that he misbehaves so incredibly much in one day.

It hit me Monday night, the steroid prescription. He had been off of it for just a couple days and maybe it was unrelated but I remembered learning in health class that steroids could cause serious mood swings. I searched side effects of the oral steroid he was prescribed and there it was “problems with mood, memory, behavior and other psychological effects.” Great. It’s not like I would have chosen not to give him the medicine had I known about these particular side effects beforehand, the cough and breathing restrictions from croup are much worse than a few temper tantrums. However, if I had known that his moodiness was something out of his control I may have handled it with a little more patience than I did but this wasn’t a warning printed on the bottle. It wasn’t even a warning printed in the pamphlet that came with the bottle. Here I was trusting that all of the information that I needed to know was written out for me and it wasn’t.

Just a heads up to any other moms out there.

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