You’re A Nut

You’re as crazy as a coconut! Or at least as big as one.

Apparently the average coconut measures inCoconut isolated on white background. around 3 and 1/3 pounds and right around thirty one weeks so does the average developing baby. Which means that this little nugget in my belly isn’t quite so little anymore and as long as he is growing at an average pace then he is right around 16 inches in length as well. Honestly, I’m hoping for a baby that comes in at no more than let’s say 8 pounds and 4 ounces. Is that too specific? I easily pushed out a 6 pound 6 ouncer, then had a little bit of trouble with the 7 pound 15 ouncer who’s head had to be turned mid stream (ouch!). I have a feeling that as long as this baby comes out with his head pointed in the right direction then that extra five ounces shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Sorry, I forgot to warn that there  was going to be too much information shared right there.

Back to this little love. I’ve decided not to bring up baby names anymore with high hopes that Baby A will be just that. Right now he is preparing for a growth spurt which will consist mostly of packing on some much needed fat. Baby’s gain weight in the womb for one very important reason and that is to help them regulate temperature after they’re born. In addition to growing some more, the My Pregnancy app also tells me that he is also able to turn his little head all over the place and is moving around quite a bit. No surprise there! I’m almost positive that this baby will be coming out doing karate kicks and jumping jacks.

As for me, I am rolling in the single digits! I’m so excited to be able to say that there are only nine weeks left until Baby A’s due date, of course we all know that a due date isn’t always an exact science…

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