The Purge

No, I’m not talking about that movie where they get rid of all the laws for twenty four hours and just about everyone loses their minds. Just the ever important emptying of closets and drawers in preparation for the move next week.

Even though I have been cleaning things and mentally preparing to move, I didn’t quite realize that it was happening next week until I started writing this. Now that panic mode has officially set in I suppose I should finish compiling my thoughts here before I go break my hips with another nonstop day of scrubbing.


All I wanted when I went to bed the night before was to dedicate my Sunday to staying in bed and doing a nice big heap of nothing and as long as nothing includes dishes, laundry and organizing then I suppose I accomplished what I wanted to. In putting away laundry I found myself side tracked with yanking item after item out of our closet and piling it up onto the floor. There were shirts, dresses and sweaters that I was holding onto for one reason or another but none of them were anything that I wear often enough to let it take up precious realty in the closet. Not to mention, what with the move coming up I don’t feel like toting anything over to the new place that doesn’t have to go.

Luckily there is one of those big donation bins just steps away from our current apartment because in one quick flush of the dresser and closet I managed to fill two and a half garbage bags full of clothing. Then when purging my own belongings wasn’t enough I went downstairs and played organize the boy’s toy closet and managed to ditch a good supply of broken toys.

Purging old belongings is one of those unforeseen benefits of moving into a new place. The next thing I will be digging through is the linen closet so that I can get rid of some baby blankets that seem to multiply with every load of laundry. I swear they’re breeding because where I once had trouble finding a single baby blanket, there are now dozens.


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