I’m A Broken Record

As I’m writing this it’s almost midnight and I wouldn’t have had the strength to pull myself out of bed to put my thoughts into writing if it weren’t for my poor Baby M having another bad dream. 

After dinner and after tucking the boys in, I laid down on the couch for not even an hour to enjoy a little TV and relaxation with my boyfriend before bed. He fell asleep within moments of lying down and there I was, wide awake with a horrible pain in my back and hips. I forget what the initial reasoning was that I got up off of the couch, maybe little bear (Baby J) needed a bottle or something like that. When I stood up, I froze immediately. The pain in my hips was too much to handle and I couldn’t even take a step for what felt like an eternity, though it was probably no more than thirty seconds. Once I gained the will power to move myself, I decided to get my things together as quickly as possible so that I could get to bed. “As quickly as possible,” to me at the moment is just me trying to take more than a two inch step.

Thankfully, we were gifted a Tempur-Pedic mattress not too long ago from my boyfriend’s amazing grandma and it absorbs every ounce of pressure that would be on my hips. Talk about instant pain relief…for the most part. Laying down is problem number one, it involves too much leg coordination which I think people without hip pain take for granted. Then next problem is getting the pillows situated and getting the body pillow folded and tucked between my knees to alleviate some more pressure. Last comes making sure that everything is in it’s right place; my phone is often at the end of the bed, the covers are ruffled, remote is lost, etc.

Of course tonight, I went through the steps of getting myself snuggled into bed and the moment that I felt comfortable and somewhat pain free, Baby M began crying a bit in his room. Say whatever you want but I will never be able to hear any of my children cry that they want mommy and not come running (even if I can’t physically run at the time). I flung my blankets off and wiggled myself from the bed, rushed down the stairs and turned on his light. Despite me crawling into bed and talking with him he kept saying that he wanted mommy, I think it was another one of those Night Terrors. I quietly sang him You Are My Sunshine and rubbed his back until he opened up his eyes, looked at me and asked for a glass of juice. Conveniently my computer, which I was thinking about grabbing but couldn’t muster the strength, was on the kitchen counter. So here I am…

The last two days, I have scrubbed everything from bathrooms to baseboards and every wall in between. My hips are so stuck that simple movements are next to impossible. At the moment I am snuggled back into bed with some Pretty Little Liars on the DVR. My Kindle and now my computer are by my side for entertainment purposes and I’m somewhat considering not removing myself from bed until Monday morning. However, I am writing this at midnight and by the time it actually posts I will more than likely already be out of bed, making breakfast and helplessly watching football or cartoons because I have kids and it’s Sunday.

Please excuse my rambling rants but the pain of this pregnancy is much too much to keep to myself. I am so excited for this baby to be here for so many reasons and I will shamelessly admit that one of those reasons is for the sole benefit of my hips.

If you have any tips for hip and back pain relief during pregnancy please share in the comments section below! So far the best relief I have found is to fall asleep with a pillow between my knees and a bag of frozen pees on my spine. (Also, please disregard any spelling or grammar mistakes..it’s late and I’ll edit in the morning if needed).

As always, thanks for reading!!


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