Cabbage Patch Kid

Hey little one! You’re a cabbage today!

And Mommy is officially thirty weeks pregnant, which means there are only ten weeks left until you are out of my tummy. Though I appreciate your presence, I am more than ready for you to get the heck out. Not only do I want to see your shining face and kiss your little nose but the amount of pressure you are putting on my hips is causing some excruciating pain day in and day out. Raw cabbage isolated on white

Back to you though Baby #3, you are the size of a cabbage, roughly 15.7 inches long and almost three pounds in weight. Which basically means Mommy has gained much more than just your weight (of course some of the weight can also be contributed to the growing amount of fluid you are floating in). Around thirty weeks, eyesight continues to develop and strengthen, lungs and digestive system are almost fully developed and there are officially little eyebrows and lashes decorating baby’s face.

As for Mommy, my uterus is apparently pushing more and more into my diaphragm which is the reason why I get winded after climbing less than one whole flight of stairs. Thanks to the heaviness in my mid section I’m about to lose my center of gravity, as if I wasn’t clumsy enough. Mood swings are suspected to return some time around now (ask my boyfriend about that, mine never left).

When it boils down to the rest of the things on the list of what I’m supposed to be experiencing they couldn’t find the words to describe it. According to the My Pregnancy app that I use, I should be having some trouble sleeping and that couldn’t be more of an understatement. My hips and back have been killing me with pinched nerves nearly 24/7 for a few weeks now and the “round ligament” pain has turned into “where doesn’t it hurt?” pain. I have trouble with standing up, sitting down, walking around, laying down, shifting position, going up the stairs, bending over and just all around existing. If that’s not enough, my upper back feels like it need to crack…but won’t and at the moment my head is aching. Add all of that together with my two trips to the hospital for kidney stones and this may be the most painful pregnancy I have had yet, which is another good reason why it will be my last.

I suppose that nothing worth having comes easy and that is true about pregnancy and parenting as well. Though each one of my little loves has been a different kind of challenge, each one will prove to steal my heart time and time again. Even if I had known from the very beginning of this pregnancy that this baby would give me a run for my money I wouldn’t change a thing.

You, little cabbage, are worth every ounce of pain I feel throughout the day because in just ten weeks you will be the third tiny tot that I get to hold, kiss and cuddle uncontrollably. (I really won’t mind if you come just a week or two early though).

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