Crib to car bed. Car bed to bunk bed. 

Well, my little Baby M is creeping farther away from baby land and moving into big boy territory. Not only is he almost four and a big brother, he is also the proud new owner of a nice set of bunk beds.

My boyfriend and I had discussed getting bunk beds for the littles before but we had talked about it as if this was something that would take place way into the future. I pictured M being at least six or seven before we invested in a set. Just recently though, his boss called and said that he was buying his daughter a new bed and asked if we wanted her set of bunk beds. We happily accepted and within about one week I came home to a set of white hardwood bunks in the boy’s room.

Baby M was yelling through his bedroom window the moment I pulled into the driveway, “I got bunkbeds! Mom, mom, mom, I got bunkbeds.” He was so happy to show me his new big boy bed that Mr. Chris and daddy got him. Already, he has mastered climbing up to the top (of course, me being the worry wart that I am..I instructed him that he isn’t allowed to do so without a grown up in the room). He gladly obliges the rule considering he requires help to get down from the top bunk anyway and I can’t imagine he wants to be stuck up there. For the time being, he sleeps on the bottom bunk and will until little J is big enough to leave his crib which probably won’t be for another year.

Another big plus, now that the mattress on M’s bed is twin size I can actually lay down and cuddle during story time. Something about laying across a crib mattress in a car bed is extremely uncomfortable for an adult.

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