DIY Dryer Sheets

My homemade laundry detergent seemed a little bit lonely downstairs on the shelf, so I’ve gone ahead and made some beautiful, DIY, all natural and eco-friendly dryer sheets.

Despite the fact that being a young mother to two (and pregnant with a third) has made me a little bit nutty, I obviously I didn’t give my detergent emotions and decide that it must need a buddy. However, I did realize that my laundry has been a little bit lacking in the scent department. It’s not that the laundry smells weird or anything like that, it simply smells like nothing at all.

Call me old-fashioned, or don’t because it doesn’t really apply here, but I like when my laundry has a nice floral or fruity scent when it comes out of the dryer. So meet my solution:

Chemical free, homemade, super cheap, reusable, all natural, DIY Dryer Sheets!

Before you ask, yes all of those words were necessary to the description because I’m excited.

Step number one was to gather some supplies. First get some fabric, I happened to have some really cute scrap lying around the house from a baby clothes project that went horribly wrong not too long ago. You’ll also need scissors and an old dishcloth (no sense in cutting up a new one). I’m sure you can tell from the picture that the one I chose was frayed and covered in holes. There is sewing involved so if you do not have a sewing machine or if yours is broken because you became aggravated when it jammed up during your last project… some thread and a needle will do.

Once you get everything together decide how you plan to pair up your fabric, mine was all pre-cut into proportionate squares so if your’s is not then I suppose this is where you would do that as well (mine are all approximately 4×4 inch squares). Cut your dishcloth into pieces small enough to fit within the fabric. DSCN1277

Here’s where you get into the sewing aspect of things. Turn your fabric so that the outsides are facing each other and sew around THREE edges of your fabric to create a little pouch, then flip the pouch inside out and scooch the dishcloth piece inside. Afterward, fold the edges over and finishing sewing the fourth side. Finish by passing the thread through the direct center a few times just to ensure that the dishcloth will be held in place.

Now that you have something similar to the above pictured scrappy little things you can move onto actually making them into dryer sheets. This is where I got lost! Up until this point, I thought that I was inventing some kind of new idea, I mean maybe I’ve passed over it before and that’s how the idea got planted but I thought maybe I’d invented something new here. The plan was to make dryer sheets using fabric scraps, an old dishcloth, and some essential oils but when I reached the step of adding in the oils I found that I had no idea how to go about it. I was thinking water and oils, but of course, water gets icky and oils would separate. Then I thought vinegar and oil but I imagined the scent would be a little bit off. Lucky for me, I wasn’t actually the first person to come up with homemade dryer sheets and a quick trip to Pinterest lead me in the right direction. Vinegar was, in fact, the key to making these things the right way.

Because I had only made five dryer sheets I used only one tablespoon of vinegar and a bit less than a teaspoon of lavender essential oil. Upon further thought into the matter, I decided that I will be taking some fabric to my mother’s house to use her fully functional sewing machine to make more dryer sheets. This way I will be able to really fill up the whole jar and I won’t have to remake my dryer sheets as often because at a load every two days or so, that’s a lot of dryer sheets.

I tested one of these little darlings out on a load of wash tonight and I was pleasantly surprised to open up my dryer to a fresh and floral scent. There are plans in my future to purchase a wider variety of essential oils and at that time I’ll be adventuring into changing up the dryer sheet scent every so often so I can assure you that updates will be coming.

Speaking of updates, I made my laundry detergent in the beginning of November! Things are still working wonderfully and I actually just realized that my homemade all purpose cleaner actually doubles now as a spot stain remover. I suppose that shouldn’t have been a huge surprise what with the vinegar in the cleaner and the baking soda/washing soda base to the detergent. The other night Baby M had some mysterious and chocolatey looking stains on his brand new white shirt. I spritzed the stains with some cleaner and gave them a quick scrub before throwing the shirt into the wash and voila! Also, after about two and a half months of using my homemade detergent, I still have more than half of the container left.

There’s nothing as nice as a homemade home good that costs pennies in comparison to store brands and can stop your family from coming into contact with all kinds of chemicals. So here’s to fresh scented laundry!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions for me please leave them in the comments section below! I’ll be sure to get back to you A.S.A.P.





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