Sometimes I forget to write, but here’s what you’ve missed.

It’s not like my website is any kind of homework assignment, there is no due date and I can’t imagine that anyone gets particularly bothered by my absence but I still feel guilty when I don’t write. This is really just a place for me to leave little notes to my future self, to my children and also to whomever takes the time to read them. I imagine my blog as if it’s a big pond and I’m just tossing little messages inside of bottles out there. Then I go days at a time without going out to throw a bottle in… It’s not that nothing is happening, just that I’m caught up in everything that is happening and I keep forgetting to make a note of it all.

Here’s what you’ve missed:

  1. I had a really bad mommy moment recently and left the gate open to our staircase. Baby J, who is super interested in the stairs for whatever reason, managed to climb nearly to the very top before my boyfriend caught him and called me out on my mistake. Baby J is such a rambunctious little nugget! Luckily, he did not fall or make it all the way to our bedroom where there’s a lot of stuff to get into.
  2. Baby M got updated from his race car bed to a set of bunk beds that he’ll share with his brother in the future. Of course, only being three years old and the baby not being in his room yet, he is on the bottom bunk. He’s managed to climb up to the top but has been advised he isn’t allowed to do so when there aren’t any adults in the room. He has also told just about everyone about his new big boy bed.
  3. We’re moving! (Again). Just last year in February we moved into our apartment and now that we have another little on the way the amount of space that we have isn’t going to be nearly enough. Fortunately our landlord has another property opening up right across the street that has a larger living space, an additional bedroom and the price of the rent (with utilities included) will be equal to what we’re paying now. Yay! As excited as I am though, I really hope that our next move after this one is the very last. It would be so nice to start settling into our forever home.
  4. I am now housing a butternut squash in my belly! A little, bitty, fifteen inch, two and a half pound squash. Here’s to being twenty-nine weeks along and almost being agreed on a name for baby #3! (I proposed something the other day that surprisingly wasn’t shot down immediately).

Nothing too crazy but certainly a few things that I would have written about when they happened had I not gotten too caught up in the moment to note them. I’ve also done some new DIY’s that will be posting soon as well as made some new tasty baby foods to help Baby J graduate into foods with more texture!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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