Hey, You’re An Eggplant

It’s official, I’m seven months pregnant as of today.

That means that little baby eggy is an eggplant and still 100% nameless because we can’t seem to settle on an idea. One of us picks a name and then when the other starts to like it, our minds change.

On the plus side, thanks to an impromptu hospital visit over the weekend, we do know that he is a healthy little lad in there. Turns out the achy, nasty, crampy pains I had on Sunday were due to yet another kidney stone. Yuck for me, but luckily that’s all that it was. I tried lying down, sitting up, a warm shower, a warm bath and then lying down again. When nothing made the pain go away, I dialed the hospital’s maternity department who instructed me that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to come in. Also luckily for me, my boyfriend loves me more than his favorite football team and drove me right there. After peeing in a cup, a couple IV bags and some rest they sent me home with some medicine. Darn kidney stones! 

There is a nice lesson to be learned there though if you’re pregnant. At times where your personal OBGYN office is closed, you can always call your local hospital and speak with maternity. They see pregnant ladies and babies all the time and they’re more than helpful. Not to mention there are often doctors (maybe even your doctor) there already because someone else is in labor. It’s never a bad idea to call when you feel like something isn’t just right, better safe than sorry.

Back to the little eggplant, or not so little. The average baby around twenty eight weeks is 14.8 inches in length and just a hair over 2lbs (2 eggplant-florida-market1/4lbs give or take). The baby can now blink his eyes, which now have some cutesy little eyelashes on them. Thanks to increased eye development he can also see some of the light that “filters through the womb.” Yuck! I just picture how it looks when you hold a flashlight under your hand, all red and weird. Anywho, there is also more brain development happening in the form of billions of neurons and baby #3 is packing on the body fat to prepare for life outside the belly!

As for mama, around this time those little baby taps start turning into karate kicks which are still pleasant to feel despite how surprising they can be. It’s also getting a little tougher to get up by yourself (or is it just me?) and there are some more changes happening with you as well. This is the third trimester, the home stretch, the final lap, the end (almost). Apparently the average weight gain for this trimester is eleven pounds, personally I have trained myself to look away from the scale at the doctor’s office. I’ve also let the scale at home run out of batteries. I try to remind myself that the weight I am gaining isn’t only from myself or the baby, there is also the placenta, amniotic fluid and water weight to consider. Something about going from a size four to a ten then a ten to a fourteen is hard to adjust to.

Thanks to the end inching closer, monthly visits to the doctor turn into twice monthly visits, but most of the icky blood work and tests are out of the way.

Only twelve weeks left and I’m still hoping this little one comes a wee bit early. Not too early, maybe just a week or even a few days? Please…

4 thoughts on “Hey, You’re An Eggplant

  1. I was in the hospital for my first kidney stone ever last week thanks to your blog I wasn’t as freaked out as I would have been if I didn’t know its a common occurrence before then iv got 6 weeks till my lil princess gets here and threw reading your blog is not only entertaining but also helpful for a first time mom

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    • I’m so glad I could help! My first kidney stone had me crying and shaking; I was so scared the pain was baby related. Congratulations on your little love!! Being a new mom (despite the kidney stones) is the most wonderful thing in the world!


  2. Good luck with everything! I’ve never had a kidney stone but I’ve heard they are very unpleasant! I’m currently 39 weeks and also hoping my little one comes early… I’m not holding my breath, though! xD

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    • You’re almost there! I’m so jealous. 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you and your little, sounds like they’re comfy but hopefully you’ll see ’em sooner than later!


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