Seven Little Teeth

Well, Baby J has been getting teeth in for quite some time and the current number of chompers is seven. The placement of which seem odd to me.

I wont lie. I am a bit of an over compulsive, needs things a certain way, big fan of even numbers, all about things matching up kind of person. That being said, children very rarely comply to that kind of thing and when it comes to sprouting some little teeth, they haven’t any control.

September 18th, Baby J‘s first tooth broke through his sore little gums and here we are, almost in the new year now, he officially has seven. It all started with a couple bottom teeth (on the 18th and the 21st, yes I kept track). Then soon after came two top teeth at the same time, now he has five on top and still only two down on the bottom. Is that an uncommon grouping? Baby M got two top and two bottom all within one month’s time, after that I lost track of when they all started rolling in.

On top of having seven little teeth, this little nugget is a biter! I’ve been bit by a baby before, but this one really goes after you with some gumption. He’s like a little puppy trying to teeth on your fingers, legs, shoulders, arms… You name it! If it’s attached to you he’s trying to chomp it. I’m not even sure how to curb this behavior since he is only a ten month old baby.

Don’t get me wrong, this boy has teethers available. There’s also a taggy and tons of other toys that could make nice gum soothers. Through my post Terrible Teething you can see all of the different ways we tried to comfort and soothe his pain but now it’s almost just like he is frustrated with the whole thing. Just the other night I said “no biting,” at least a dozen times in less than a one hour time frame. (The last time I did that I was training my dog). I’m pretty close to writing a sequel titled Terrible Biting, though I suppose I should find some kind of solution before I do. Thus far, the only information that I would have to offer is a list of things that failed. Offering a teether, saying “no-no,” trying a brief time out in the pack n’ play and attempting to distract with a toy. None of it worked.

I guess we’ll see what happens. Luckily this little man hasn’t broken through the skin yet with one of his nibbles and thankfully he stopped breastfeeding long before this started!

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