What A Year

2015 was a year where I finally mustered up some courage and started a blog. The other day, the mother-site that I write my posts from gave me a progress report on how I’ve done so far.

Writing is something that I have dreamed about doing since I was a little girl. I can remember hiding under the kitchen counter with a notebook or my tape recorder and catching conversations as people went by. I know, I know, it’s not right to eavesdrop but I was an aspiring journalist and how else was I supposed to get the good stories? Once, when digging through some old junk, I came across a little red spiral notebook and in it were stories about the neighbor doing his yard work (sorry for spying on you Mr. P). As a little girl I spent countless hours in front of a typewriter that my mother bought for me. I wrote stories about people I gave names like “Mr. Johnsonsmithericks” because I wanted to be creative with names no one had ever heard before… I guess that’s something I adopted in my adult life when naming my poor kids.

This blog has really been the most amazing way for me to finally accomplish the dream I had of becoming a writer. At the same time it has given me the perfect outlet to share what information I think is valuable for other parents and most importantly document stories from my children’s upbringing. FullSizeRender (4)

Thank you WordPress for giving me a place to create my domain and giving me a way to express myself. Also, thank you for this annual report!! It’s really nice to see what I have managed to accomplish in the time that I’ve been writing.

FullSizeRender (5)


Wow! Okay, so some people could probably view Facebook 2,100 times in one week but to me that number is insane. The fact that people have been interested enough in what I’m writing to take a look over two thousand times in seven months is unbelievable. That being said, October 16th having that many views is completely believable because it’s the day I outed myself on Facebook.

FullSizeRender (7)

I definitely started posting more and more as the months went by. I think at first, even though no family or friends knew about my blog, I was nervous to really sit and write things. Then as I gained more followers and saw that I had views and likes, I slowly gained some confidence in what I was doing. Finally publicizing my blog (on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter) gave me the final boost I needed to really blab all that I wanted to. Hopefully I can continue the pattern of posting more while still maintaining the quality of my posts.FullSizeRender (2)

When I saw this picture I was really blown away. Having a chunk of followers was amazing. Having 2,100 views was crazy. Having those views and those followers come from 35 different countries is downright insane! I never thought that something I wrote could possibly travel that far, the internet really is an amazing thing.

Five biggest attractions this year were We’re Having A…Take Two: We’re Having A…Flu Shot Or No Flu ShotSaving Money On Groceries and The Importance Of Pictures. Honestly, those are a total surprise but only because I take much more interest in the funny stories about my children than anything else.

No real surprises on the “How did they find you?” board. Facebook came in as #1, followed by the WordPress reader and some other forums.
As for my five most active commenters, shout out to:

Amanda @ Raising The Shakes

The Ladies @ Yoga Pants and French Toast Sticks
Who have since changed to Positively Kooky Parenthood.

Jax’s Mama
I never did quite catch your name…

Misty @ The Delight Driven Life

Kate @ Kate’s Kin

As for 2015, it was a year that brought me an opportunity to write.

More importantly, it brought me more reasons to write.

  • My two year old turned three.
  • My  second son was born.
  • My puppy turned seven.
  • Life seemed to stabilize a bit.
  • My boyfriend and I got our first “real” place together.
  • My boyfriend and I both celebrated our 23rd birthdays.
  • We also celebrated our two year anniversary.
  • Another life has begun growing in my belly.

2015 brought me some amazing things and I can’t wait to see whats in store for 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

And thank you for all of your support so far!

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