Our Baby, The Cauliflower

Another week, another fruit (or vegetable). This week the My Pregnancy App filled me in that our growing sprout is officially a head of cauliflower. 

Something new I just noticed about this app is that it gives me a “days to go” count, right now I am at eighty nine days to go. Which confuses me a bit because the countdown I put up on here tells me I only have two months left. Oye, almost ninety more days… I can’t wait to hold this little boy in my arms and smooch his cheeks. I’m also having trouble waiting for us to jointly agree on a name. For Baby J we each made a list of names, compared and chose the one that we both had and liked. This time our name choices seem much more diverse so I don’t see our lists having many similarities.

As for the little head of cauliflower, he is right around 14 1/2 inches long and about 2lbs. That’s based on the average height and weight for babies around twenty seven weeks.

Major developments around this time include:

  • Waking up and sleeping at regular intervals.
  • More brain tissue development.
  • Opening and closing of eyes.
  • Maturing lungs, still immature for now, which could function (with a lot of help) if the baby were to be born this early.

That last development takes a huge weight off of my chest. You never know what can happen and having a 2lb baby who can hardly breathe isn’t something that anyone wants. However, knowing that this baby could officially stand a chance in that circumstance is nice.

While I wont be sharing the baby’s name once it’s official I suppose there is no harm in sharing some of the ideas floating around in my head. I like the kind of names that people don’t hear too often, which lead me to a list of:

  • Easton
  • Emerson
  • Cohen
  • Holden
  • Grayson
  • Graham
  • Carson

Time is flying by and even though we have plenty of time I can’t help but feel rushed to choose a name for this baby. Everyone keeps asking what his name will be and I feel weird not having an answer. The fact of the matter is, this is a name that our son will have to live with for his entire life. I don’t want to hurry up and choose something just so I can stop calling him the nameless baby…I want it to be the right name.

Regardless, nameless baby #3 is a cauliflower and I am a mom with some serious heartburn and achy hips.

Thanks for reading!!


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