Call Me Sleepy

No one ever said that being a mom was easy and they certainly never said that about being the pregnant mom of two little boys. I’m not here to complain, just here to explain.

Originally I had saved a lot of these thoughts for a post I was going to title The Working Mum. However, every time I sat down to write it most of what came out was just how much being a stay at home mom would help me. In reality staying home with my kids all day would be wonderful and it would make housework less of a job on top of a job. It boils down to me enjoying the time I do get out of the house as well as enjoying the conversations I have with other adults and having my own money to spend.

This isn’t a post dedicated to working vs. “not” working though. This is a post to just briefly explain the way that being pregnant feels when you have two littles and a house to maintain.

I’ll start with the other day. I was too rushed and too tired to do my hair or my make up before work. Once I actually arrived at the office I managed to spill my coffee which ended up on my shirt. Who could have guessed that my protruding belly would become a catch all? Fast forward to lunch time and the next spill I had was chili, on my pants. The printer jammed a few times and my end of the day stop at the accountantspT7KGXd6c turned into a mad dash to get there before they closed. Then I had to drive ten minutes in the opposite direction to pick up some prints because I didn’t think to get my pictures done ahead of time. (Here’s where I need to plug in Groovebook again. I spent $6.24 on 20 pictures vs. $3.23 on 100 from Groovebook and I had to drive to go get them vs. having them delivered right to me). Anywho… When I finally managed to get home I was so tired and sore just from existing but there was still more to do.

Mix together pregnancy brain, extremely achy hips, exhaustion, work, cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing dishes (did I mention the dishwasher broke), trying to be the cool “hands on” mom, Christmas stuff and just plain old being pregnant… I’m ready to hibernate now.

The night following my above mentioned day was one where I only had to get out of bed one time. For the first time in a long time I got nearly eight hours of sleep and it was only interrupted once! I don’t even regret getting out of bed when I had to, my older son woke up and was crying in his room. I went in thinking it must have been a bad dream and he was just sitting on his bed holding Mr. Giraffe, then he looked at me and said, “I just wanted to say that I love you.” Oh, my heart melted into a plate of over-microwaved butter. (Excuse my bad analogies, I’m too tired to be clever or to contain my usual corny behavior). Quick question though, why am I more tired after getting less sleep? Is there a medical reason why moms get punished by their own bodies for actually sleeping?

Little fact for any one reading this… I can’t even remember what this post is supposed to be about right now. *I’ll be back after reading whatever I wrote so far.*

Alrighty then.. a post about being pregnant and having two little ones. Basically when you get down to it, it is wonderful to be building another little baby boy. It’s great to have two healthy little men growing up right before my eyes. I couldn’t be more thankful that the biggest struggle I have is keeping up with all of the wonderful things that I am lucky enough to have, but it is so tiring.

My body hasn’t recuperated from my previous pregnancy enough, clearly, because my hips are killing me day in and day out. It hurts to stand, walk, sit and lay down. I did a split about a month ago because I tried to step over the baby gate, kicked it, stepped on it and slid. My balance is way off already, my boobs hurt, my back is in constant distress, there’s already pressure in my pelvis and I have butt cramps. I can’t crawl around on the floor with the baby and I can’t be crazy with the toddler. At the moment, my movement has been limited to a small list of things and I’m struggling to keep up with day to day life while maintaining a clean house and a happy family.

Final thought: When you become pregnant with your third child, someone should gift you a maid, a nanny and a nurse. 




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