Christmas Pictures

When it boils down to having professional pictures done of the boys I really enjoy doing the first Christmas and first birthday. This year we had Baby J’s first Christmas pictures taken as well as some of his big brother but that wasn’t the only photo op of the season.

It was a little overzealous but the plan was to change the boy’s outfits once or twice during their photo session and that never happened. They had matching outfits (adorable button ups with sweater vests and corduroys), then a onesie and red pants for Baby J and a somewhat matching sweater and pants set for Big M.

Unrelated blurb, I chose Big M for my older son’s “name” on here but now I don’t really like it. It almost sounds like a grocery store. The Big M… I suppose I’ll take the brunt of referring to him as a baby instead. So Baby J & Baby M it is.

Back to the pictures, the boys had a couple outfits to wear for pictures and then we also had some reindeer antlers that the boys grandma and great aunt had given to us.

When it came down to doing their actual pictures, I reached out to the woman who had done Baby M’s first Christmas and first birthday pictures and we arranged to meet up at her parent’s house. She advised we do outside pictures because of the boy’s ages and because they’re a little more fun. Well, in getting there and getting outside I realized how chilly it really was. Not to mention, we weren’t trying to get forty pictures taken so ultimately we left the boys in their first outfit.

I felt a bit guilty over not using the second outfit that the boys had (which was also from their grandma and great aunt) so I set out to do some pictures at home. The day started like many others and because both boys were in a good mood I decided to go ahead and give it a try. When my first son was born I purchased a really nice Nikon camera to help capture the moments of his childhood and that’s what I used. The boys were dressed, the Christmas tree was lit up in the background and I even got out some props!

Of course no matter how cute the outfits and how fun the props what really matters is getting both boys to sit still and smile for the camera. No amount of coffee could have prepared me for what I got myself into. Our dog, Ruca, kept walking into the frame which gave Baby J a reason to crawl away from where he was supposed to be sitting. Baby M was distracted by all of the ornaments that he helped hang on the tree (and insists on rearranging every time he’s near). The reindeer antlers didn’t stay on for more than a minute per child. I couldn’t get both boys to look at the camera at the same time to save my soul and the one time I did I couldn’t get a smile out of either one. My older son has a habit of yelling “CHEESE!” at the top of his lungs every time you ask him to smile, which doesn’t turn out much like a smile. When I finally got a couple good pictures I had the wild idea to get out something for a backdrop and try for a couple more. A toddler, a baby, a 100lb muddy dog and a white backdrop go together like peanut butter and ketchup…it doesn’t work and it’s a mess waiting to happen.

After about an hour of torturing myself trying to get the perfect photos I went over the ones that I had. In one picture Baby M had his arms wrapped around Baby J who had his hands up on his head like reindeer antlers. In another, both boys were being silly and in a different one they were both just staring off sweetly. I even managed to get a picture of each boy smiling (one looking at the camera and one not).

I did a pretty good job.


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