The Big Cookie Exchange

This year is my second ever Christmas cookie exchange. Last year I jumped in way over my head and decided I would be making…I think it was twelve dozen Oreo truffles. This time I went a little less crazy but not by much.

Today is Christmas Eve, but the day I am actually writing this is only the 19th. This week more than ever before I took advantage of being able to schedule some of my posts. What with the cookie exchange (going on tomorrow), finishing Christmas shopping and wrapping, work and then the holiday itself this seemed like the best way to keep up on posts without adding stress to my days.

While I’m writing this Baby M is with his bio dad and Baby J is keeping me company in the kitchen while daddy is at work. So here I am, trying to make thirteen dozen “brookies” which are half chocolate chip and half “brownie” (chocolate cookies). At this very moment my first batch came out a big buttery mess because I did my math wrong when I doubled the recipes. A lack of flour is a horrible thing.

Have you ever tried to bake cookies with a ten month old baby in the kitchen and no one to help you contain his craziness? I’ve given this boy a banana, some puffs, a firetruck, two shakers full of sprinkles, a bottle, a ball and his twinkle star. Nothing is keeping this little man happy at the moment and all I need is an hour of his cooperation.

Once I readjusted my cookie doughs with another scoop of flour, everything started going just fine. Adele Pandora is playing in the background and Baby J seems happy when I’m singing and dancing around like a crazy lady which is pretty much me being my normal self. Chances are by boyfriend is likely to walk in with this happening and turn himself right around.

Random Baking Thoughts:

I’m super happy I invested in a new Kitchenaid mixer when I moved out. (My parents bought me one as a graduation gift and I left that one with my mom and got a beautiful dark blue one).

Why do I never remember that I want to buy a nice metal spatula until I’m baking cookies?

I need new cookie sheets.

I can’t wait until my boyfriend gets home.

Next year I am making some plain a** cookies. Why on Earth do I keep choosing such complicated confections to make for this exchange?!

I wonder how many people would be turned off by my blog if I started to curse in it where and when I see fit…

Babies and bananas could not be a messier combination.

How is Adele so perfect?

Should I turn my oven up? These cookies seem like they are taking forever.

Well, for the moment I still have a lot of cookie dough left and if I continue to write until they’re done I’m sure to have four chapters of a story started.

Oh my goodness, cookie update. It’s been hours and after finishing all of my brookies I was still sixty five cookies shy of what I need. So, then I made the attempt to just throw together a batch of cookie which consisted of white chocolate chips, craisins and some oatmeal. Of course after five hours of non stop cookie baking on flimsy pans with a plastic spatula, my heart was no longer in it. About twenty four cookies came out too flat and went directly into the garbage, no passing GO and no collecting $200.

Now that I am exhausted and my temper is on red alert I am giving up on this cookie madness all together and the giant bag of Christmas pretzels that Baby M and I made together are going onto these thirteen plates.

I thought that would be the end of my updates on this post, but after cooling off from all of my baking mistakes I went to work again. (After some much needed encouragement from my boyfriend). He picked me up some more white chocolate chips from the store and I made some small chocolate cookies with cherries and chips.

Normally I don’t make so many baking mistakes which is why I became overly frustrated with the whole thing. Regardless here are some pictures of my finished cookie plates (some Christmas pretzels stayed on), my big box of cookie plates and the massive amount of cookies I ended up bringing home from the exchange.

Has anyone else ever done a cookie exchange? Or made any big cookie errors like overzealous recipes or not enough flour? (Ugh!) Leave me a comment below, have a Merry Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas!


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