The Best Christmas Tag

It’s almost Christmas and it seems like it’s either right on time for this blog or a little behind schedule. Hopefully some of you have time to join in on the fun and reblog with your answers!

Shoutout to Amanda Shakespeare over at Raising The Shakes for blogging this!

What is your favorite Christmas film?

If I had to choose one Christmas movie to sit down and watch it would probably be Elf or the old school cartoons/claymation movies. I’m not really picky when it comes to Christmas movies though, they’re all a tie in my book.

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Absolutely, I live in the Northeast corner of the U.S. and I can definitely remember a few. Not to mention a few white Thanksgivings and Halloweens.

Where do you usually spend Christmas?

It’s actually been a changing thing around here what with the growing and changing of my family. Right now the tradition stands with breakfast at our house and the afternoon elsewhere, but it’s changed about three or four years in a row for all of us so there really is no “usual.”

What is your favorite Christmas song?

It’s probably inspired by where I live but Let It Snow is my favorite. This year I’ve found myself replacing lullabies with that song when trying to soothe the angry baby.

Can you name all of Father Christmas’ Reindeer?

No way, at least I don’t think so. Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph…Sleepy, Dopey?

Is your Christmas Tree Real of Fake?

It is fake. I used to do the real tree tradition with my family when I was much younger, and not to judge anyone who does, but cutting down a tree to put on display for a month seems wrong. I am too much of a tree hugger. If anything maybe we’ll purchase one of those table top trees that are potted so that after the season is over we can plant it but our fake tree is beautiful and it does it’s job every year. Plus it was a gift from my boyfriend’s mother and it means a lot to the both of us to have it.

Do you Dress Up on Christmas Day or stay in PJ’s?

I think I’ve done both in the past but the current me says PJ’s all day.

Are you a pro present wrapper – or fail miserably?

Not to sound a little bit full of myself, but I think I’m a pro. I’m really quite fussy about certain things being perfect (even if it’s something silly) and I will wrap and rewrap something to get tight corners and perfect creases. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? And do you stick to them?

I have made them before and completely blown them off year after year. I think that my most recent resolution was to become a better person and start liking myself more as a person. That one I did accomplish, but last year I didn’t even bother making one. There isn’t much I feel I need to change and if I’m going to it won’t be decided by a day.

What was your most memorable Christmas?

This is a hard question. To date it would have to be a tie between Big M’s first Christmas and last year when he had the flu and we opened presents at 4:00 AM because none of us could sleep. Although last year is memorable for a not so wonderful reason, I remember it for us making the best out of a bad situation and having a great day despite it all.

I know Christmas is pretty close, hopefully you’ll take advantage of a minute to yourself to share this tag with your answers!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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