Introducing My Children

So it’s been a while now since I started up my blog and up until now my children’s names haven’t been revealed to the general public. Well…

That still isn’t happening. I decided that ultimately it wasn’t their choice to start a blog and broadcast their lives to the world. One day when they’re old enough to decide for themselves and if I am still writing, then I will share that. To me it seems like a violation of their privacy and as their mother I’m not willing to do that to them, which is the same reason there are no “face forward” photos of either of my boys on this blog.

All of that said, I am sick and tired of referring to my children as “the toddler” and “the baby” or by their size or age. My big, my little, his older brother, his little brother, etc. are things I will continue to use but being limited to them takes some of the joy out of writing. The idea I plan on using for their “names” on here is one that I have seen a lot of other writers use and I hope no one minds that I’m going to be borrowing the idea.

From here on out my two littles will be Big M (baby #1) and Baby J (baby #2). I would just call them both my babies, but my older son has a serious problem with being referred to as a baby.

As for the one in my belly I will still be referring to him as baby #3, hopefully he will have a name soon enough and I’ll be able to throw his first letter out there for you as well.

I know it isn’t quite the same as sharing their full names but I hope that everyone can understand where I am coming from. Also, no part of me thinks that other people shouldn’t share their children’s name and I don’t want anyone to feel like I think differently towards them because they do. It boils down to what we are all comfortable with as parents.

To each their own!



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