Baby Food Update

Yesterday morning I spent a bit of time in the kitchen restocking the baby food section in our freezer. We already had some protein packed containers in there, but we were lacking breakfast foods and others.

I like having a bigger variety of baby food because it doesn’t seem quite fair to feed the baby the same thing every other day. With the shelf life of most homemade baby food being right around six months (in the freezer) I have a lot of wiggle room with being able to push things around as I please. Something I never considered, however, is how to keep track of whats from when. Personally, if I’m not certain how old or new a baby food is I simply turn to my blog and check to see if and when I posted that I made it. As for everyone else who isn’t writing about every baby food making session they have, I suggest making a baby food journal. You can easily list all of the different foods you make, mark what your baby liked or didn’t (anything they had a reaction to), and you can also mark dates of when you made each thing so you have it to refer to. Think of it as your own personal baby food cookbook/journal.

One of the baby foods that I made was appleDSCN1238 and strawberries. I also made more sweet potatoes, apples with mixed berries and carrots with apples. However, I still have chicken, corn, peas, squash, beans, more apples and more berries that I need to make into baby food. Of course my frozen items and my canned beans won’t be going bad anytime soon but at the moment there’s only six options of food in the freezer so I’d like to get some more containers and get them all done and put away.

I’ve done a step-by-step on the sweet potatoes before and you can see that by following the attached link. As for the apples and mixed berries, the process is extremely easy and vaguely described in the apples and strawberries post. DSCN1240

All you need to do is peel and chop your apples, then throw them in the steamer with your frozen berries. After their finished steaming, which doesn’t take long, throw them into your blender and you’re pretty much done. There is no need to add any water whatsoever to this recipe. The natural juices inside of the berries adds enough moisture to get everything smashed up. If by chance it doesn’t seem like everything is getting as smooth as it should don’t be afraid to turn off the blender, open it up and give it a quick mix with your spoon before you continue mixing. Make sure to seal it into your containers and pop those little darlings into the freezer.

For the carrots and apples you can refer to my step-by-step post on making carrot baby food. All you do different is throw some peeled and DSCN1239chopped apples right in the steamer with the carrots. When it comes to blending, that’s where you make one more little change and that’s to put less water in the blender. For just plain carrots, because they retain less moisture, you need to submerge about 3/4 of them in water. When you add apples to the mix you can bring that down to submerging just 1/3 to 1/2 depending on how apple packed you made the steamer. Start with less, you can always add more water if need be but you can’t remove it once you’ve already started blending.

If you have any questions about the baby food’s mentioned, post a comment below and I will surely get back to you! There are a lot of baby food posts floating around on here, you can take a look at the Homemade Baby Food page for additional recipes, tricks and step-by-steps.

Thanks for reading!


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