Baby Food (Apples & Strawberries)

Yummm, apples with strawberries.

We ran out of “breakfasty” foods the other day for the baby so he had squash for breakfast, which just seems weird. I guess it’s better than the other options we had, carrots with kidney beans or broccoli and cauliflower with black beans.

The freezer is normally full of a wide array of options, just plain vegetables, just plain fruits, some combinations and also the baby foods with proteins in them (whether that be something mixed with chicken or various beans). Well, now that I’ve run out of breakfasts and used up all of he squash, peas with corn and everything else fun it was time to make up some new baby food. I spent all morning making up batch after batch and it would appear that I over purchased a bit when it comes to produce so I think I’ll be buying even more containers soon.

First up on the chopping block wasDSCN1237 strawberries and apples. As you can tell from the picture I’m sure, the strawberries that I used were frozen. Fun Fact: Frozen fruits and vegetables have been picked at their optimal ripeness and then very quickly frozen which helps them keep almost all of their nutrients. Though each fruit and vegetable is different, with certain items you’re actually better going with frozen over fresh. Unless you do all of your shopping at the Farmer’s Market, the strawberries you buy fresh would have already lost a good amount of their internal moisture as well as nutrients simply by being picked well over a week before you purchased it.

Six medium apples.
1/2 bag of frozen strawberries.

Steam until the apples have become fork tender and try not to eat all of the fruit yourself. This little combination made my whole house smell delicious and I was super tempted to eat a bit of the applesauce myself. The amount of apples and strawberries I used made six containers for the freezer which isn’t an awful lot, but I planned on making a second apple & berry combo so I didn’t want to go too overboard making this one.

Overall, this yielded six containers of baby food for right around $2.75 which means I only paid $0.45 per container. Compare that to Gerber.

A little joke on myself. After making my own baby food for a while I guess I just jump right into it and never double check myself on anything. After peeling all my apples and getting both them and my strawberries into the steamer I turned everything on and started peeling sweet potatoes. Well, after a few minutes I noticed a weird sound coming from my steamer and then it dawned on me. I never put any water into the steamer! Then I completely ignored that the top and handles are all metal and grabbed them to move the steamer away from the burner. Not smart.

Mix pregnancy brain with over confidence and what you get are sore fingers. Luckily, there are no burns to speak of! Just goes to show, no matter how many times you do something you can always make a mistake.


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