Oh, Brother

So the toddler is back at it with his witty remarks and silly little attitude. Here goes another spin off of My Three Year Old Told Me…

Just the other night I settled my oldest boy into bed, pulled up the covers, turned on the nightlight and got him a cup of water. Then, like most nights, after putting him down I went into the kitchen and started after the dishes. Not long after you know who comes trotting into the room with Mr. Giraffe under his arm, cup in hand and his other hand on his hip.

He looks at me and says, “Mommy. What have you done? This (holds cup out for me to see) is not juice.”  I told him that I knew it wasn’t juice because I’m the one who filled it up with water. “Oh,” he says, “that’s okay if you did that on accident.” I giggled a bit and told him that I had done it on purpose but if he really would like some juice then there was a better way to ask for some and he did.

If that little story wasn’t full of enough juicy drama for you, then try this one on for size. About a week ago, maybe two or more, I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly when because my pregnancy brain has placed everything from the last three months into the same folder.

Anywho, a bit ago we we’re heading up to my parent’s house for dinner. When we were loading everyone and everything into the car, the baby had spotted his big brother’s cup and wanted to play with it. No big deal, but the tiny splash of juice in the bottom needed to be dumped out and so my boyfriend did just that. About half way through our drive the toddler ended up with his (now empty) cup and began accusing the baby of drinking it. I explained that he didn’t and at that point he realized it must have been dumped out. He begins to say over and over that “dad dumped my juice out!” and I covered for him each time. Then finally I just told him that I dumped it, “that’s okay mom, it was an accident.” So my boyfriend speaks up and says he did it, “that’s not okay dad, you did it on purpose.”

Looking back at it written down, this probably isn’t as funny as if you were there in the car yourself. Something about the automatic shift between okay and not four or five times had me laughing my head off.

Last but not least and also the most recent little funny we had. Yesterday morning, we were in the car when I heard a little clank in the back seat so I asked my son what just happened. “I just smashed my truck on here but it’s okay.” He was talking about hitting his metal dump truck on the window so I politely asked him not to do that anymore. This is where our new little back and forth banter came into play. He asked, “if I hit the window hard will it break?” and I replied that it probably would, to which he said “probably not, the glass is metal.”

The whole “glass is metal” thing isn’t even 100% brand new, not even a week ago he told me that something wasn’t going to break because the “wood was metal.” 

Those are all of the funnies I have for you today! I hope you had a couple little laughs and if you’re looking for more funny stories take a look at the Humor category in the drop down menu at the right of this page.

Have a wonderful day, thank you for reading and remember there’s only ONE MORE WEEK until Christmas!! 


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