He Touched The Elf

We’ve watched the movie. We’ve read the book. We’ve discussed the elf a few dozen times and just the other night my son stole his magic.


Our poor little elf sat on my son’s desk in his room the other day to watch him play. (My son gets extra excited whenever the elf comes home and lands in his room). 

He came home and stood in front of his desk staring and smiling at the elf. Then he slowly started moving his little finger towards him. I gasped to try and get his attention but he was looking a bit sinister and very determined. “I’m going to touch him…” he said and despite my warnings not to touch the elf, he did. Then he laughed about it for about five minutes or so while he continued to poke the elf “on his pants” as if it made any difference that he wasn’t poking his face or something. A little bit after the elf assault my son left for dinner and while he was gone…the elf left too. He flew away back to the North Pole and in his place was a little note that said something along the lines of:

Dear *****,

Because you have touched your elf, he isn’t feeling very good and is back with me at the North Pole. If he doesn’t get better then he will not be able to tell me if you have been bad or good. So there might be no presents for you this year.

Santa (sad face)

After re-reading the note I decided to throw it away. Despite how much I giggled while writing it, it seemed a little cruel. However, the elf has been gone for a few days now and because I’m not the one who hid him, I honestly have no idea when he’ll be coming back.

Anyone else have fun with The Elf on The Shelf?
Leave me a comment below!

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