Birdseed Ornaments

The other night my biggest little and I made some tasty treats for our feathered friends and despite the mess, they were a lot easier to make than I expected.

The older my toddler gets the more fun and less frustrating craft time becomes. Paint goes where it belongs, paper doesn’t get eaten, and we can actually use scissors. Let me tell you, I have waited for this since this little boy was born.

I saw these little darlings on Pinterest a while ago and stuck them on a board somewhere for a later date. When I finally got to reading the instructions, I found out that they’re much simpler than I originally thought. I did, however, change the way that the ornaments take their form.


2 cups flour
6 tablespoons corn syrup
1 cup water
8 cups wild bird seed

Combine your flour, water and corn syrup to create your paste, then add in your bird seed, and fold everything together. The original recipe instructed me to line a pan with wax paper, pour out the entire mixture, press cookie cutters into the pan and leave them there. I don’t have enough Christmassy cookie cutters that I could leave them in the pan until they dried and it also seemed like all of the crusts and in between pieces would then just be wasted.

Instead, I lined a couple cookie sheets with tin foil for a drying station and got out a paper plate to actually form the ornaments on. I scooped the birdseed mixture into the cookie cutters and set my son to work pressing the seeds flat with a spoon. Once they were level at the top and really packed together I carefully pushed them out of the cookie cutters and onto the cookie sheets. Once there, I poked a straw where I planned to feed the twine through and then left them alone to dry.

For the record, my son isn’t the typical mess loving little boy so it took a great deal of convincing to get him to really participate in this project once he figured out that the seeds were sticky.

Then, at some point he noticed some frosting on the counter from a cookie that was there a little earlier on, and he scooped it up onto his (birdseed covered) finger to eat it. I never thought I would find myself saying “don’t eat the birdseed,”  but I guess there is a first for everything!!

Anyhow, originally the recipe was only half this size, but I wanted to make a lot of ornaments so I doubled it. You can easily cut it back to size if you’d like but I recommend you don’t make more than this at once. This recipe makes a big bowl of sticky seeds and the homemade glue you essentially make starts to harden a bit after about twenty minutes.

We did our little craft around 7:30 at night and then did bath time, stories and bed time so I’m not 100% on exactly how long these take to dry. They were all dry by morning so for us they were a bit of a two day craft.

I hope you give them a try and have a lot of fun with this project! You can make all different shapes and sizes to make things a little more interesting. We did leaves, stockings and pine trees! 

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and as always, thanks for reading!


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