Putting Up Our Tree

The other night we set to putting up our Christmas tree, much later than planned but we had stored it at my parent’s house when we moved and kept forgetting to get it. Well truthfully, I kept forgetting to get it but it was well worth the wait.

We have two boxes full of ornaments from each of our childhoods as well as some ornaments I purchased for my first Christmas when I moved out. My big man had never really been much help with decorating before, normally he just played with the ornaments and rubbed glitter off of them all over the floor. This year he handled almost every ornament that hung from a loop of string and a few that hung from hooks.
Curious to guess how many ornaments were broken? Only two and the toddler wasn’t even the one responsible. The baby is obviously much too young to help with decorating this year so he took a seat in his high chair while we hung ornaments. After devouring all of his snacks we gave him a couple hookless decorations to play with and regardless of them being plastic he still managed to smash one into pieces. The other broken ornament was due to a case of the dropsies by my boyfriend, oops. Although it’s not very merry to say, they won’t really be missed. We have so many ornaments they’re coming out of our ears and it seems that we have more and more each year.

If you look closely enough to the picture I’m sure you can spot the diversity in our ornaments (right up front you can see the footprint I was talking about in my Christmas Crafts post).

The entire time that we were decorating the tree little man kept saying “Santa is going to be so proud of us,” and “Santa is going to be so happy, we’re doing such a good job.” It was absolutely priceless and I’m so excited that he was able to be a big help this year; he hung almost every ornament along the bottom half of the tree.

I’m not exactly sure if you can comment with a picture but if you can and you’d like to share post a picture of your beautiful tree in the section below.

P.S. Christmas is less than two weeks away!!

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