Christmas Pretzels

Yummmm! I promised to post my favorite Christmas snack and here it is. They’re simple, cheap, delicious and I have made them every Christmas for the last five years or so. These are my Christmas pretzels.

This is honestly going to be the easiest step-by-step I have ever posted but I promise it’s a recipe worth trying even if you aren’t a fan of white chocolate.


1 bag of pretzels.
2 bags of white chocolate chips.

Once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients you want to get them into three separate bowls. This isn’t a necessary step but it definitely makes the process go much faster and speed is a pretty important when you’re dealing with chocolate. White chocolate also seems to set much faster than milk or dark chocolates. Laying out a sheet or two of tin foil, however, is a very necessary step unless you want your “not so messy” project to turn into a mess very quickly.

Melt your chocolate at twenty second intervals in the microwave (watch DSCN1214carefully and stir to prevent burning) or you can also use a double boiler if you prefer. Once your chocolate is melted start dipping your pretzels half way, after each pretzel is dipped hold it over the cinnamon and sugar bowl and sprinkle it generously. I prefer to go a little heavy on the cinnamon because the chocolate is already so sweet. Once you’ve dusted the pretzel with your cinnamon and sugar, lay it out on the foil and let it harden, then repeat again and again and again. Voila! 

That’s literally all there is too it. I’ve made these so many years in a row that it’s become second nature to stock up on pretzels this time of year. I actually bought my pretzels about two months ago when they were buy one, get on free at the supermarket.

These are great for bringing to a Christmas party because they’re super easy and take no time at all. They also make wonderful gifts for friends, family, teachers and coworkers!

Give them a try and if you enjoy them be sure to let me know!
Merry (almost) Christmas everyone!!

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