Christmas Crafts

Crafting and Christmas, two of my favorite things and it only seems fitting that the two of them go hand in hand. From DIY cards to ornaments and decorations, there is never too much Christmas spirit for me.



Well, there they are. Those are the baby’s Grinchy green feet. I set out to make some homemade Christmas cards with the boys and the original plan was to make some pine trees out of both boy’s feet. However, as it would turn out the toddler’s little feet are just a wee bit too big to stick on the cards that I bought so we went with Plan B.

The front of our Christmas cards are my big man’s thumbprints done up like a sting of Christmas lights. He was so proud of himself for “sitting still like a good boy and not being too crazy” while I painted up his fingers. I suppose he remembers my instructions for the canvas painting we did a while back, I’ll be sure to share that in another post. Every time he wiggled a little extra and made a “crazy light” we both giggled and moved right along, the results are flawless. Surprisingly, the baby didn’t have as many laughs for me. He sat stone faced the entire time I was painting his feet, not even a little smirk or giggle the whole time. Once his footprints dried I decorated them with some ornaments (using the non-brush end of the paintbrush), some tinsel and even a star on top. I can’t wait to stick one of the boy’s Christmas pictures inside them and send them out!

Of course these aren’t my only Christmas crafts to share, last year I set to making some more of my toilet paper roll and paper towel roll crafts. I also did some footprint crafts with the toddler as well as some salt dough ornaments for the tree.

Salt dough ornaments are so fun and they aren’t very messy at all. We made handprints that I painted up into Santa Claus and I applied some clear coat at the end to give them a little shine. I also made some Christmas tree cut outs and sent my son to work with the colors of his choice. After he gave them a nice healthy coating of paint I decorated them and gave every ornament a ribbon to hang from. The salt dough recipe I used was simple:

1 cup salt.
2 cups flour.
1 cup water.

Mix up your ingredients, form and flatten, then cut your ornaments out and don’t forget to add a hole for your string or ribbon! Once you’re ready to go, throw those little darlings in the oven for two to three hours.

I believe that the cardboard roll snowmen and footprint snowmen are pretty self explanatory so I won’t bore you with any details there.

Chances are this might not be the only Christmas craft post you see from me this season. If you have any cute craft ideas that you’d like to share please comment below! I absolutely love having little keepsakes and as the years go by I can only hope to have many more so I can treasure these tiny fingers and toes while they last.

My ingredients are all bought for my favorite Christmas snack, so they’ll be coming soon to a post near you!


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