The Best Baby Registry

Chances are that if you have had a baby then you have probably had a baby shower and registry as well. When I was building my first baby registry I wasn’t quite sure which store to pick. There were great deals on Target and Wal-Mart, but there was less of what I wanted. Etsy has amazing and original things for baby and nursery, but they’re more expensive and there’s no baby necessities on there like bottles and diaper pails. When it came down to it, I ended up settling with creating my full registry on Babies R Us.

Sheep-8e9fc63de4dfe059faf1566df480235aI’ve also seen people build multiple registries. Rather than settle for choosing things from only one store, they find two webpages to build a registry on. To me that just seems like more work than it’s worth and also a bit confusing for people trying to shop for you.

About one year ago, I stumbled across this website which I would have never found before because of it’s odd domain name. The name of the website is and on this site you can pick and choose things from as many different stores as you would like and compile them all onto one list! Literally any store that you want. You can find two items on Amazon, three from Etsy, a bunch from Babies R Us, etc. and pack them all into one easy place for people to shop from. If you’ve already built your registry on a different site you can ever transfer it to BabyList, hassle free.Stores-a54ea903b2a40a867c558186eb553301

Check out their Why BabyList page to see some of the other interesting perks that they offer, like free registry insert cards for your baby shower invitations.

If you’re unsure of what theme you’re going with there is also an Inspiration page to help you find some unique baby things, as well as ecofriendly baby items, budget items, things for dad and things for a duel pregnancy.

There is also a Baby Registry 101 page that outlines some things you may not need right away as well as some things you don’t want to forget. While of course every family is different, there are some pretty important tips on this page for anyone uncertain of what they’ll need.

Everything about this website makes me wish that I could have another baby shower just so I could build a registry on their site. To be completely honest, and a little weird, I might even build one just for fun. Hopefully, if you’re expecting and you haven’t already had a baby shower you can benefit from this amazing website! And even if you have already passed where it could have been helpful for you, take a look and pass it along to a friend.

This registry site is too cool not to share! 

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