New & Old Christmas Traditions

Christmas isn’t just a day to me, I like to make a month or two out of the holiday. I’m one of those enjoys Christmas music on Halloween, decks the halls (and everything else) kinds of people. 

When I was younger my family always went all out for Christmas. My dad strung up the lights all over the outside of the house and my mom turned the inside into a winter wonderland. There was even one of those train tracks that ran around out tree. After my brother and I grew up and moved out of the house, my parents began to tone it down and allowed us to rifle through the decorations for anything we wanted. For me, it was just about anything I didn’t feel guilty taking.

So every year since I’ve been out in the world I have decorated as much as possible and stuck to a few traditions that I liked the best from my childhood. Of course my boyfriend’s family had some of their own which we also incorporate into our Christmas celebration as well and now we’ve started a little tradition of our own.

In our family we:

  • Decorate extremely early.
  • We decorate the tree together as a family.
  • Sing Christmas carols around the house (okay, that’s just me).
  • Get new pajamas for the kids to wear to bed on Christmas Eve.
  • Read a Christmas story (when I was little it was always The Night Before Christmas).
  • We open one gift the night before.
  • Put out the Elf on the Shelf, plus watch the movie and read the book quite often leading up to Christmas.
  • Make and enjoy the same tasty Christmas treats.

I’m almost positive that everyone knows about the Elf on the Shelf by now, but if you don’t then follow the attached link (above) to the website. The elf 81mhqu8T1aL._SL1500_in the box comes with the story book all about him/her and you can purchase a movie as well. Your child’s scout elf comes around Thanksgiving and watches them for good or bad behavior up until Christmas Eve. At that time, the elf flies pack to the North Pole and fills Santa in on all the juicy details and lets the big man decide if your child gets toys or coal. For us it’s less about getting the toddler to behave and more about having fun hiding the elf and seeing him find it.

As for the tasty Christmas treats, every year I make the same Christmas pretzels and for me they’ve become something that I look forward to all year. I would make them more often but somehow they taste better close to Christmas time. I’ll be posting about these little darlings in the near future!! Keep an eye out.

I always enjoy hearing new and different ways to celebrate the holidays. If your family has any interesting traditions, please share below!!

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