Kidney Stone Pain vs Labor Pain

A lot of people have heard it before, that the pain from passing a kidney stone is worse than the pain of child labor. Since my hospital trip a little while ago I’ve answered this question a few times.

By no means am I a baby labor expert. I’ve had two little boys, both naturally with no medication, but there are still some labor stories that I cannot relate to. I have never had back labor, any tearing (ouchhhh), and for the most part I have had smooth sailing in the delivery room.

When my first son was born, I was in labor for roughly thirty six hours. I moaned and groaned my way through every contraction, never yelled, and had no epidural but also no complications whatsoever. The doctor described his exit by saying, “good thing I was here to catch him.” With my second son I was in labor for only about eight hours.  During that time I screamed (some curse words) as I still had no epidural. However, he stopped in the birth canal and I did require something to get him moving again as my water had already been broken and he was half way here. My doctor described described this one’s exit as, “trying to put on a turtle neck with your face pointed to the ceiling…”

So now that I have given you way too much information you can hopefully understand the pain that I have endured for my children. In comparison, it is my personal opinion that kidney stone pain is much worse. A kidney stone is so tiny that even I never could have believed that it could hurt nearly as bad as a little human wrecking ball. The fact is, kidney stones are sharp around the edges and in passing they don’t just “flush out” they also scratch you. Not to mention, during labor you work your way up the big moment. There are hours of far apart contractions that you can talk through and walk through before you get to the every thirty second ones that signal that it’s almost over. With a kidney stone, in my experience, things went from bad to worse so fast that I couldn’t even explain what was hurting. (Add in my fear that something was wrong with the baby and I was borderline hysterical). The mock contractions of kidney stone pain was nearly ever ten seconds and lasted for hours (five to be exact).

People have told me that I’m tough because I’ve had two babies with no epidural, but people who have passed kidney stones take the cake. I’m talking regardless of the size, how many, how long, what kind of pain medication they were given. If you have had a kidney stone and you’re worried about child labor, stop.

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