Oh My March

December, January, February, baby!

Last night I found myself thinking about all of the upcoming events that our family has and ended up feeling very overwhelmed. Since it’s December and baby #2’s very first Christmas we have pictures to do for the boys this weekend. Then we have to finish Christmas shopping of course (and submit all of our lists to Santa), following all that jazz is Christmas itself.

Next we have the new year and I have officially decided that I do want to get pictures taken during this pregnancy. I think it will nice to have at least one pregnancy memorialized in more ways than just a couple self taken mirror pictures. To me, some nice outside pictures in the fluffy snow sounds amazing but that means finding a day, a baby sitter, an outfit and actually getting it done.

Following the new year, comes baby #2’s first birthday and although I have been slowly preparing there are still a lot of things to do the month of. Plus the day of! And of course February will also be full of getting ready for the new baby who will be here in March!

On top of all of these things there is still the fact that we haven’t yet chosen a baby boy name that we both love. We have an idea that we both like but I’m not quite 100% sold on it. At some point in the next couple months I have to get my dog to the vet, not for anything major, just for a check up. Plus there is the looming need to file taxes, renewing our lease, other people’s birthdays and so much more.

December, January, February, baby. We’re only three months away from our third child and I’m freaking out! Luckily in the midst of all of these things coming up, I have all of my loves (big and littles) to keep me somewhat sane. Somewhat.

Anyone have any ideas on how to relax?

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