Our Baby Is A…

I believe that I have already spilled the beans about the My Pregnancy app before. Every week, I look forward to my phone alerting me about baby’s new developments and also what kind of fruit or vegetable I’m housing.

As of today, we are twenty three weeks along in this (third and potentially final) pregnancy and that means our baby is a mango! At twenty three weeks the average little fruit is about eleven inches long and just a tad over one pound in weight. After already having two littles I no longer question why my belly seems so much bigger if the baby is only that small. It’s important as a mommy to remember that it’s not just a baby in there. You also have an expanding uterus (yay), the amniotic sac (ew), and a lot of fluid (great).

Anyway, there is plenty more exciting news about the bundle to be. Right around twenty three weeks, the inner ear is fully developed which means that the baby can now hear everything that I hear. Obviously at a much lower volume and a little bit muffled, but my solo singing car sessions officially have an mini audience and story time before bed has one more set of eager ears. img_mpt_promo

This is what the app I use looks like. The name of it is “My Pregnancy” by babycenter. With my first pregnancy, I downloaded and deleted countless apps that didn’t really give me all of the information that I wanted. Once I found this one, I stuck to it like glue and now I have downloaded it to my phone a total of three times. It’s informative, provides a chat room with other moms (The Birth Club) and also has a variety of tools.

The tools in the app include:

  • Pregnancy checklist.
  • Bumpie – a place to take and store weekly pictures of your growing tummy.
  • Kick tracker.
  • Birth preferences – this details everything from who you want your doctor to be, if you want medication, if you’d like a photographer there and what your preferences are after delivery.
  • Birth class – a link to babycenters online birth class.
  • Contraction timer.
  • Baby registry checklist.
  • Product search.
  • Baby wish list.

I can’t honestly say that I have used all of these tools but they do come in handy when you want to use one and it’s already right there on your phone.

There are also videos about baby development and birth on the app, tips on dealing with leg cramps and other things, as well as answers to a lot of questions that new moms might have. If you are impatient (like myself) it’s easy to skip ahead to next week or even next month if you want to.

Back to my bundle, I’ve heard that the more pregnancies you have the earlier you can begin to feel the baby moving around. Last night, without a doubt, I felt a lot of baby movement. It wasn’t the obvious kicks and jabs that will be coming not long from now but some squirming and a few taps here and there. I’m so excited to hold this precious little one and kiss his tiny nose.

Very random question about pregnancy pictures. I never had them done with my first son, so for that reason I never did them with my second. Is it too late to get pregnancy pictures taken? Would it be wrong to do it for the last but not for the first two? I feel like I would enjoy having some to hold onto.

As always, thank you for reading and if you are an expectant mom, take a look at the My Pregnancy app!!

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