Happy Thanksgiving!

Being knocked up on Thanksgiving is better than being a kid on Christmas.

This will be my third year partaking in the act of over eating with the excuse that I, pregnant again, am eating for two. Of course everyone and their mother will be eating excess amounts of food today but the difference is, I’ll be using a shovel.

Just kidding about the shovel thing, obviously.

  1. Pregnant women are said to have a better sense of smell which means Thanksgiving will smell more inviting.
  2. Pregnant women are also said to have a better sense of taste, so I’ll be enjoying every bite a bit more too.
  3. Eating for two, though I have to “be careful” says the doctor, means I can make as many trips to the mashed potatoes as I want. No guilt.
  4. Pies. I’m craving one pumpkin, one apple, one banana, perhaps some pecan. Why? Because I can.
  5. Leftovers. No one wants to tell the pregnant girl she can’t take home six pounds of food. Score!
  6. I’ll either be packing extra pants or arriving in sweats. You know the old joke about loosening your belt after eating? Being pregnant means your “belt” was already loose, so while everyone else is stuffed into their dress pants I’ll be wearing something more comfortable.

Ahhh, the joys of being pregnant on Thanksgiving. When I decide to give up on making babies I might just play pretend pregnant for every November.

Hopefully, everyone is getting together today with their families to celebrate and eat loads of delicious treats. While I understand the unwillingness of people to celebrate Columbus Day (considering it celebrates some serious ugliness) I think it’s important that we remember what Thanksgiving is about. It was a day that celebrated the settlers and natives sitting down and enjoying a meal together despite their differences. This day acts as a reminder to come together and think on things that you’re thankful for.

This year, like many others, I am thankful for my family and friends as well as my health and the health of my children. I’m fortunate to have a third healthy bundle of joy on the way and an amazing man by my side to share everything with.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
And remember, if you’re not pregnant…you can always pretend.

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