Funny Little Hunnies

I suppose now that both boys can officially get into mischief I should put an end to the My Three Year Old Told Me Series. I’ll have to come up with a new way to showcase the silly things both boys do. For instance…

We just recently went through the three year old’s toys and dug out every broken toy, missing piece and tiny thing. Then we threw them all away to create a safe environment that the baby can play in as well, without me feeling the need to hover in the doorway. Since then, big man has been happily allowing his little brother into his room to play.

About a week ago, I was relaxing on the couch (it’s not a joke, I was really sitting and doing nothing!) when the toddler lurked out into the living room. He was sporting a golf club under one arm and a very large sword over his shoulder. My first mistake was with making eye contact, because the moment that I did he said to me…

“Do you know what I’m going to do..?”
To which, I didn’t reply and he stood there for a few seconds just eerily staring at me.
Then, “nothing… I’m going to go in my room.”

When I started giggling at how absolutely random he was being, he whacked me in the arm with his sword, told me that it wasn’t funny and left the room. Even now while typing this, I can’t help myself but to laugh about it some more.

Now onto little baby pants who has been showing his true personality more and more as he gets a bit older. Our sweet little bundle of joy has been standing on his own for about two months now and is graduating to some more risky moves. He walks himself around the table, transitions from table to couch and also just climbed an entire flight of stairs. Don’t panic, the nine month old wasn’t just free range in the house. His dad was right behind him, with hands ready, every inch of the way and now that he’s done the stairs I have to triple check that the gate is locked all day long.

On top of becoming more adventurous in his day to day life, the little nugget has also started to learn that the word “no” means absolutely nothing. Of course all little ones are a bit rebellious at one time or another but this one takes it to another level. Maybe I’m remembering his older brother’s baby days incorrectly, it just seems to me that when I told him no he listened more than not. These days, with this one, if you say no he stops, flashes you a big toothy grin and the moment the “o” is done being pronounced he is already right back at it.

All that’s left to put an inevitable end to my sanity is to have the third one roaming around as well. Of course we have plenty of time to prepare for that!

Hope you enjoyed a few laughs about my little charmings, thanks for reading!

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