Pregnancy Brain

For the last couple weeks or so I’ve been feeling the full effect of pregnancy brain and in looking at my blog I can see I’ve flopped here too. For those of you who may be unaware or just looking for a giggle, pregnancy brain is as follows..

Honestly, I had never heard of “pregnancy brain” before my very first pregnancy. It was one day at work, years ago, when I found myself going full blown ditz and got called out on it. This went on for weeks… Then there was the title, it was because I was pregnant and apparently pregnancy makes you lose some IQ points.

Years later, baby number two is bipping and bopping around in my belly and there it was again. The gnawing stupidity from being pregnant.

Once more, maybe for the very last time, I am experiencing the lack of intelligence I so greatly despise. It’s not even just that you randomly begin to feel like a drop of goo…you are full blown goo.

1. I’ve forgotten to post anything on here for days. Literally forgot that this even existed.

2. Not only have I misplaced my keys an obnoxious amount lately, I’ve also lost my car. La-di-da I go to work and when I leave and search for my car in the itty bitty parking lot, it’s nowhere to be found.

3. Dropsies and spinnies. Everyone knows what the “dropsies” are, you get butter fingers and everything ends up on the floor. But then there’s the “spinnies” which are when you turn around to do something, forget what it was, turn back around, remember and turn around one last time to go do it.

4. I have run into objects and also people, not just while looking at the ground for no reason but also while looking straight ahead.

5. Normal chores have become something I am failing at. (Not consistently). Our house is clean and laundry is done, all that is good and well but silly things have been escaping me. For instance, my almost four year old lemon tree is officially on the brink of death due to a serious lack of water.

6. Grammar mistakes! I’m guilty of being what some people refer to as a “grammar Nazi” or the “grammar police” and I have been suffering with spelling and grammar lately.

7. Messing up days of the week. This isn’t something complete unknown to the non-pregnant me but I’m almost positive I have never mistook Tuesday for Friday before…

After adding pregnancy brain to regular life I was already in the verge of collapsing from my own dying brain cells. Then add on planning out Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping and the baby’s first birthday. Oye!

If anyone knows of an actual scientific study that proves pregnancy brain is a thing, post the link in the comments below. If you’re in the very early stages of pregnancy, prepare yourself. Lastly, if you have any silly stories of your own, please share!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Brain

  1. On tusday I almost forgot to pee in the cup at the doctors office. I had the cup in my hand and everything lucky I caught myself or I would have had to stay there till I had to go again, which would’ve probably been 15 mins at this point lol.

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