First Birthday: Beginnings

While our baby’s first birthday isn’t until February, I’ve already started making some decorations for the party and also the invitations. I’m really excited to be putting everything together and doing it early means less stress when we get closer to the date of the party itself.

First of all, I drummed up a guest list the other day and began making invitations. I think I made more than enough which is perfect because it also gives me a head start on our thank you cards!

Next, I took to my old ways of repurposing some old cardboard boxes and I chopped up a diaper box to make some stand up decorations but I didn’t stop there. I painted a mason jar to look like a football (a cutesy idea that I got from Pinterest). The plan was to use the jar for cutlery but after multiple coats of paint and all of the effort I put into it, I realized the opening is a bit small. I will find a purpose for it though! I plan to paint a couple wider mouthed jars to look like a referee and a football field to hold my forks and spoons.

Also thanks to Pinterest, I found a neat idea for a birthday banner. I needed brown felt, white puffy paint and any ribbon of my choosing. Foolishly I chose a burlap ribbon and learned the hard way that felt and burlap do not glue together very easily.

Using what felt I had left over I also made the letters “O, N, and E” and used my puffy paint to turn them into “footballs” as well. The letters will go onto a poster board that I will be painting to look like a football field, this will be hung to showcase pictures of our baby as he’s grown.


These are all of my crafts for his birthday as of yet, keep your eyes peeled for more!
(The banner is really long and there was no way to get the whole thing in the picture, but you get the idea).

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