All The Yummies

The last time I made a big batch of baby food was about a month ago. In between big batches I tend to make little batches of whatever produce we have lying around, like apples or carrots. Today was time to refill the freezer…

Due to a late night hospital trip and some rude kidney stones, I ended up with today off of work so that I can relax and recuperate. However, a woman can only relax so much. I set little man up with a cartoon and put the baby in his bouncer and then went into the kitchen to make up some baby food.

Since I probably won’t be making a trip to the grocery store this weekend I decided to work with what we have. This meant frozen peas, frozen corn, baby carrots, frozen mixed berries, apples and kidney beans were going on the menu.

I put together a freezer full of:


Applesauce with frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries).

Carrots and kidney beans.

Peas, corn and kidney beans.

In addition to the baby having some new flavors to try he’s also been all about bananas lately. So much that if he sees you eating one from across the room, he speed crawls to you and tries to take it out of your hand. I gave him a large chunk of banana the other day while he was in his high chair and he did surprisingly well with it. He couldn’t take too big of bites because of his lack of teeth but what he did manage to bite off with his four little teeth, he easily mashed up with his gums.

If you try giving your little one a banana, be sure to watch them closely. We had good luck but even though bananas are a soft food they still pose a choking risk. If you’re making homemade baby food for your itty bitty, try out some of the flavors above!

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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