Doing Something Right

If nothing else, I’ve always wanted my children to be well mannered, kind and happy human beings. It is my number one goal to keep them on the right track to becoming their best versions of themselves. Just the other night I got a glimpse of what a big heart my little boy has.

We have been discussing Christmas a lot lately, more so since I decorated the house for the season. I love Christmas, not for the presents but because the month’s surrounding it and the holiday itself makes me all warm and fuzzy. Little kids, of course, are in it for the toys.

For every commercial about some new kind of car or gadget I have heard, “oh, I want that,” or “I want five of those.” One day he even said to me that he wanted everything that he saw on the TV. It sounds like a case of the gimmes but remember he is only three and this will be his first Christmas of 100% understanding Santa Claus and the whole holiday in general.

A few nights ago, there was something new on the TV that he hadn’t ever noticed before and he lit up with excitement. When he started gabbing about how much he wanted all of the toys his dad carefully pointed something out. He told him that he already had a lot of toys and to be happy with them because some kids don’t have any at all. After hearing this he came to see me in the kitchen…

My little boy, looked at me with his bright eyes and asked, “Mom, can we give some of my toys to the kids?” My eyes welled up, this little munchkin who adores every toy he has wants to give some up for children who don’t have any at all. I knew my son was a sweetheart but this took things to a whole new level. Three years old…thinking of what he can do for those less fortunate.

It’s moments like this that make me happy that I created this blog. Having a place where I can share this with the world and share with my son years from now is amazing.

Also, today is the day that we find out what we are having! Look out for the gender reveal!

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