Four Days Left

It seems silly to get excited about finding out what gender our baby is considering the events last time. Regardless, here I am going absolutely nuts and counting down the days until we might find out.

I’ve been weighing my previous feeling about having a girl with the last appointment where we heard, “it’s a girl, it may be a boy, it’s a…lets reschedule.”  Still, a part of me is holding onto the hopes that I might be getting to have a little girl after all.

In the sonogram pictures, the doctor said he saw a lot of umbilical cord. Which leads me to believe that the potential wee-wee may have just been some cord. The uncertainty of the sonogram tech also has me thinking it’s a little girl because with both of my sons it was very obvious, not a maybe. Then there’s the other side of me that remembers the doctor also saying that it looked like the baby was further back, which can make for less clear pictures. The sonogram tech even said she wanted to redo some because the clarity was off, so maybe the unclear, possible pecker was just that…a little pecker.

Not knowing is really starting to make me crazy. I’m the kind of person who likes to prepare for preparing before actually preparing for the thing that I need to prepare for (say that ten times fast). Having to wait longer than I originally expected is also proving to me that having two littles didn’t help me grow as much patience as I thought it did. Mix my excitement, lack of patience, craziness and pregnancy brain together and I’m surprised I can still function.

Of course, I know I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating, my boyfriend and I will be thrilled to have a little boy or girl. Neither one is better than the other and a happy, healthy baby is all we can really ask for.

Four more days. FOUR. MORE. DAYS. Maybe…

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