Homemade What Now?

In recent years I have started to make homemade cleaners, air/fabric fresheners, baby wipes and also baby food. Not only because there are harmful chemicals in the first three but also because I now save money by making all four myself. Now it’s time to tackle something new.

If you check out the pages Help For Parents and Homemade Baby Food you can see the step by step process of homemade baby wipes and also some various baby foods. The next thing I’ll be putting together is (drum roll) homemade laundry soap.

Only a short while ago I stumbled across an ingredient list for making your own laundry detergent. Around that same time, I had also just learned that there are harsh chemicals in most laundry detergents. Though the kind I purchase on the regular didn’t seem to have any known carcinogens in it, there are plenty that do. I already refuse to purchase any kind of bleach because I know how harmful that can be. The last time I used some I was unaware that you’re supposed to cut it with water, I found myself gagging and actually burned some skin off of my finger tips scrubbing a tub. No thanks. 

From the looks of things, making your own laundry detergent is extremely easy and also okay to use in HE washers like my own. Which is nice to know considering I never knew I was supposed to be buying special high efficiency soap before. The ingredients that I need to purchase are as follows:

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Washing Soda
  3. Castile Soap

The recipe I’m using also calls for Scent Crystals, which I will not be adding to my detergent. This is something I am not interested in trying because I don’t see any point in making my own detergent just to put different chemicals right back into my washer. Instead I will be mixing a few tablespoons of essential oil into the mix. I’ve seen some different recipes that list essential oils as an optional addition, so I believe it wont harm my detergent by adding them in.

After I buy everything I will be sure to make a step by step on getting everything together and once I’ve whisked it all up I will find some clever way to store it away from moisture. That post will go up tomorrow so keep an eye out!

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