Your Child’s Favorite Toy

Anyone remember that little friend of Charlie Brown’s who always carried his blanket around wherever he went? That’s my son with his Mr. Giraffe, or rather his Mr. Giraffes as he has two of the exact same stuffed animal.

When your child has a favorite toy, you’ll notice that they probably need it to sleep, it takes every adventure that they do and are also extremely difficult to steal for a good wash. These are all of the things that I can relate to 110%.

My son has two stuffed giraffes that were gifted to him before he was born and right around his first birthday I noticed he had become very attached to them. I managed to keep one tucked away for a short while so that if one was ever eaten by the dog then there would be a back up. Of course one day he spotted said back up and was completely mesmerized by the fact that he had two. Mr. Giraffe and Mr. Giraffe have been through some wonderful and some very messy things with my three year old.

The Mr. Giraffes have been out of state, have gone camping, often take trips to the store and accompany my son to bed each and every night. They have also soaked in the trials of potty training (during the brief bedwetting era). They have been taken for runs by both our dog and my mother’s. One of them also took a short dip in the toilet “by accident” once, but I think it was really a reaction to an Angie’s List commercial. The giraffes do split up, only one takes an adventure at a time and occasionally one is given to someone to borrow. Recently one came to work with me and he returned home with his “day’s pay” and placed it into my son’s coin bank.

Both giraffes have lost their original softness, are no longer as fluffy as they once were and one is missing a piece from the tip top of his head. Nonetheless, they are flawless to my son and for that reason I will guard those giraffes from hungry pups, sneak them into the washer and be sure they always come home from vacation. My son doesn’t have a security blanket, he has two security giraffes and the day he tells me that he is too old for them … my heart will surely ache.

For the record, I have asked a couple times about whether or not the giraffes are brothers or married and the second time I got a clear answer. They’re brothers and they love each other very much. I only asked this because he sometimes refers to one as the mommy Mr. Giraffe and the other as the daddy Mr. Giraffe and I was thoroughly confused.

Completely unrelated: I received an email from Similac the other day and was given a promo code from them to use for Groovebook, which I love, for TWO free Groovebooks. If you are curious about the app, the process or the end result check out The Importance Of Pictures. The promo code is as follows, SIMILAC18249594633, and expires on 12/31/15!

If your little one has a favorite toy that comes everywhere and does everything, feel free to share! I can’t wait to see what my younger son’s favorite(s) will be. Thanks for reading!

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